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Costruzioni Apparecchiature Elettroniche Nucleari (CAEN) S.p.A.
Via Vetraia, 11
I-55049 Viareggio
tel: +39-584-388-398
fax: +39-584-388-959 General English English email addresses
ASIC design, too.

CAE Technology
Do they offer synthesisable PCI Cores?

(Owned by Jmar Industries Inc.)
California ASIC Inc.
13845 B Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92718
tel: +1-714-581-9024
fax: +1-714-581-6466 General
California ASIC is a full service supplier of gate arrays.
California ASIC specializes in FPGA to gate array conversions as well as standard gate array developments.
Regarding your article on obsolete parts, we at California ASIC specialize in manufacturing low volumes of obsolete parts. 1000 parts is normally the minimum that makes economic sense.
We retarget these chips to one of our CMOS processes and then deliver them directly to the customer.

California Eastern Labs
optoelectronics, RF, transistors

California Micro Devices
EMI filters, termination chips, voltage dividers

Calogic LLC
237 Whitney Place
Fremont, CA 94539
tel: +1-510-656-2900
tel: +1-866-656-2900 - toll free
fax: +1-510-651-1076
CA2033 - Amplifier Buffer, 100MHz, High Power
amplifiers, diodes, FETs, JFETs
Jxxx, SDxxx, SSTxxx, Vxxx etc.

Canadian Microelectronics Corporation

(Also called CRI)
Catalina Research Inc.
1705 Jet Stream Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
tel: +1-719-637-0880
fax: +1-719-637-3839
Catalina Research, Inc. (CRI) is an advanced engineering company that is the performance leader in providing digital signal processing (DSP) solutions and data processing acceleration to defense, intelligence and commercial organizations. CRI brings a real world level of practical systems experience with an engineering staff accomplished in radar, signal intelligence and communications solutions.

Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc.
1250 Borregas Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
tel: +1-408-542-1000
tel: +1-408-542-1000-3399 - literature
fax: +1-408-542-1200 General

Designs, manufactures and markets programmable IC products. Specializes in serial and parallel EEPROM's, Intel compatible Flash memory, NVRAM, Digitally Programmable Potentiometers (DPP) and microprocessor supervisors. They are used in telecommunication, networking, computer, industrial control and consumer markets.

(See also Commodore and MOS Technologies)
Commodore Business Machines
This company made the Commodore 64/128, VIC20 and later the Amiga computers.
They contained especially made chips.
After Jack Tramiel left CBM after getting Atari for free from Warner Brothers (?). CBM went broke sometime later and was bought by Escom and when that went broke by the direction of the Dutch branch of Escom and after that went broke the Dutch computer builder Tulip bought it. Not a good omen for Tulip... ;-)

See Cologne

(Established 1988. Bought by LSI Logic about 200103 for 878 million dollar.)
C-Cube Microsystems
Silicon Valley, CA
USA General Data sheets
C-Cube is (perhaps the largest) producer of MPEG decoder chips.
ZiVA en AviA series
C-Cube makes video and audio chips for TV set-top boxes and has among others Motorola, Philips and Sony as clients.

Continental Device India Limited
C-120 Naraina Industrial Area
New Delhi 110 028
tel: +91-11-2579-6150
tel: +91-11-2579-9718
fax: +91-11-2579-5290
fax: +91-11-2579-9569 General General
Discrete semiconductors like: Power transistors, Switching diodes, Switching transistors, Small Signal transistors, Zener diodes in leaded and surface mount packages.

(In 1985 they started making chips)
MMIC chips, RF amplifiers

Celeritous Technical Services
Recreates obsolete digital chips using gate array technology.

Celestial Design
LCD controller chips

(Resurrected as Synthesis Technology)
Curtis ElectroMusic Specialties
They made a chip named: CEM 3340 VCO. It was a Voltage Controlled Oscillator.
This chip is used to generate audio waves for musical applications for example in a music synthesizer.
Curtis Electromusic Specialties has been out of business for many years.
The CEM chip designs are now owned by OnChip.
CEM has been resurrected as Synthesis Technology.

Centaur Technology
(Founded 1995. Later sold to IDT. Now owned by VIA Technology.) 20020421: gone?
Microprocessors, Winchip: Winchip3, Winchip4.

Centillium Technology
Network chips

Central Semiconductor
Central Semiconductor Corp. has cross reference!
Devices are available in surface mount, leaded and chip form. Site includes product selection guide, technical data, cross reference, literature and sample request form.
Discrete parts:
BJT transistors,
schottky diode,
zener diodes

Centre Point
Centre Point
Chip set

Century Microelectronics Inc.
Santa Clara, California

They make modem modules and telephone line modules but no chips it seems, so click on Cermetek.

Champion Technologies
temperature compensators, voltage compensators, voltage controller oscillators

Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing General

(About 1972, Owned by Cherry Electrical Products. 20000404: Acquired by ON Semiconductor.)
old information(?):
Cherry Semiconductor Corporation
2000 South County Trail
East Greenvwich, RI 02818
tel: +1-401-885-3600
fax: +1-401-885-5786 New mother mother company
old information:
automotive chips, computer chips, industrial chips, power chips
old information:
Cherry Semiconductor Corporation supplies high quality, high volume standard, semi-custom and custom linear bipolar and power BiCMOS products to automotive, computer and industrial markets worldwide.

Chipcon AS
Gaustadalleen 21
NO-0349 Oslo
tel: +47-22958544
fax: +47-22958546
Chipcon AS is a leading fabless semiconductor company that designs, produces and markets high performance, high quality and cost effective standard RF-ICs for use in a variety of wireless applications. RF Transceivers available today are CC400 (300-500MHz), CC900(800-1000MHz)and CC1000 (300-1000MHZ). The company also provides turnkey mixed-signal ASIC design and manufacturing services for high volume products.

Chip Supply
Chip Supply, Inc.
7725 North Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, Florida 32810, USA
tel: +1-407-298-7100
fax: +1-407-290-0164 - general info General subscribe to mailing list
Semiconductor die and wafers
Semiconductor distributor and value-added processor of die and wafers for multichip modules, hybrids and other unencapsulated applications. Specialists in Known Good Die (KGD) processing.
World's largest distributor of bare die. We have contracts with 20 semiconductor manufacturers to process and distribute their wafers and die. We have saw, visual, wafer probe and 100%/burn in (Known Good Die) capability. We also do small lots (thousands) of hermetic assembly and test (when the manufacturer does not offer a particular die/package combination). We have three TAB bonders on line which we use for our patented SofTAB known good die (TAB leads are removed after test and burn in, leaving 100% tested bare die) and also for display drivers and other TAB applications.
We have shipped more KGD than anyone else besides Intel and we started shipping KGD years before they did! I'm sure some of your visitors are interested in a competent, professional bare die distributor and KGD processor.

Chip Express
Chip Express
tel: +1-800-95-chipx
tel: +1-408-988-2445
fax: +1-408-988-2449 General
Now you can significantly reduce your ASIC development cycle. Our 24 hour Laser Personalized Gate Array (LPGA) prototyping service gives you immediate access to high-speed, high-density gate arrays. LPGAs are produced in just hours with the patented technology of our QuiCk System laser micromachine.

Chips and Technologies
See CT, bought by Intel.
Asiliant produces the old CT chips now.

multimedia chips, video processors

Chrontel General General Data sheets
clock chips, video chips

(Founded 1996)
Cicada Semiconductor
901 Mopac Expressway South, Barton Oaks Plaza One, Suite 540
Austin, Texas 78746
tel: +1-512-327-3500
fax: +1-512-327-3550 General About Technical news
Leading supplier of DSP-based integrated circuit solutions to developers of high-speed communications systems used in:
Cicada's advanced DSP and System-on-Chip technologies are enabling affordable, gigabit-per-second digital communications throughout the internet's infrastructure over ubiquitous copper cable installations and legacy fiber optic links.
Cicada's LAN IC products include transceivers and advanced System-on-Chip solutions for Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) and our DSP technologies will soon help make 10-Gigabit Ethernet a reality.
Our innovative WAN IC solutions include highly integrated T3/E3 and DSL transceivers and chipsets.
In the SAN market, we are driving towards the development of multi-gigabit physical layer solutions for Fibre Channel and InfiniBand(SM).

Cimaron Communications
networking chips (packet over SONET)

See Cinch

Cincinnati Electronics

Circuit Online
Circuit Online General
Seems to be interesting, but do they make chips?

Cirrus Logic, Inc.
3100 W. Warren Ave
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
tel: +1-510-623-8300
fax: +1-510-226-2180 Sales Customer-Service Technical-Support Graphics Products Support Data Communication Products Support General Data sheets They own Crystal FTP (drivers and such)

Controller circuits for: audio, data communication, graphics, LCD, mass storage, networking, RF, SCSI Disk, VGA, video
CSxxxx, CL-[A-Z][A-Z]xxxx, CL-Pxxxx

Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd
1-23-1, Kami-kurechi, Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi-ken 403
tel: +81-555-23-4121
tel: +81-555-23-4202

LED, optoelectronics

(A National Semiconductor Company)
Comlinear Corporation
4800 Wheaton Drive
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
tel: +1-970-226-0500
tel: +1-800-776-0500
fax: +1-970-226-0564 - Applications group General

Clear Logic
(20030313: It's selling it's equipment on it's WWW site, so it probably went broke.)
Clear Logic, Inc.
5870 Hellyer Avenue
San Jose, CA 95138-1004
tel: +1-408-361-2600
tel: +1-888-548-7788 - toll free
fax: +1-408-361-2666
Clear Logic was a fabless manufacturer of semiconductor integrated circuits. Clear Logic has created the innovative new Liberator design technology. With Liberator products, customers design using programmable logic (up to 200,000 gates) and then seamlessly move their manufacturing to our much lower cost factory-configured devices. Designers use the flexibility of programmable logic for quick prototyping. Then they simply use the web to upload their bitstream file to Clear Logic for a much lower cost production solution. All Clear Logic products are fully compatible with Altera functionality, pin-outs, and architectures.

Canadian Microelectronics Corporation General

(1986, See also the next entry.)
CMD Technology Inc.
1 Vanderbilt
Irvine, CA 92618
tel: +1-714-454-0800
fax: +1-714-455-1656 General
The semiconductor product strategy is to provide performance leading and feature-rich computer peripheral I/O solutions like IDE and USB chips.
IDE and USB ASIC's, interface chips
USBxxxx, PCIxxxx

Order scarce chips via the Chipdir

(See also the previous entry.)
California Micro Devices Corporation
Microcircuits Division
Tempe, Arizona

C-Media Electronics, Inc.
CMI8330 Audio Host VX with digital audio S/PDIF In and Out for PC sound cards
Also clock generators for Pentium processors

Computer Memories, Inc.

CML Microcircuits
(1973, Owned by CML Microsystems Plc, US sister company is MX-COM?)
Consumer Microcircuits (UK) Limited
Oval Park
Langford, Essex, CM9 6WG
tel: +44-1621-875500
fax: +44-1621-875600 general products distributors US sister company


amplifiers, MODEM chips, telephone chips

EMI filter chips

ISDN Chips from Cologne Chip Designs work from 3V-5V!

(1994: Founded. 200005: AG, which means it's traded on the stock exchange.)
Cologne Chip AG
Eintrachtstraße 113
D-50668 Köln
tel: +49-221-9124-0
fax: +49-221-9124-100

About the company:

About the products:
ComCore Semiconductor
fast ethernet networking chips


See also CBM
Commodore Semiconductor Group
Norristown, PA

CommQuest Technologies General Data sheets
Cellular phone chips

Since they bought DEC/Digital they are the owner of the Alpha and Strongarm technologies.
In the mean time (2002h1) Compaq has been bought by HP.
The production of All DEC/Digital chips was transfered to Intel shortly before the sale to Compaq. This was the result of negociations over patent infringements. links to the new owner About the Alpha servers PDF about the Alpha EV7 processor

Compensated Devices
diodes, mainly military but also some commercial

Comport Data
3850 Jean-Talon West #134
Montreal, Quebec, H3R 2G8
tel: +1-514-340-1550
fax: +1-514-340-1126 General
Comport Data Inc. is a microelectronics engineering company offering analog, mixed-signal and digital IC design, layout, testing, manufacturing and consulting services, using CMOS, Bipolar and BiCMOS technologies and processes.

CompuLab Ltd.
P.O.B. 66
Nesher Zip: 36770
tel: +972-4-8320397
fax: +972-4-8325251 General About Company news Product news Datasheets


About the company:
CompuLab is an innovative hi-tech company located in Israel. The company develops hardware products, provides design consultancy and performs research. It was founded as a response to the growing demand of the computer industry for shortened development cycles with uncompromised quality and reliability. Since its establishment in 1992, CompuLab has designed many products and cards in the areas of high speed computer boards, LAN, PCI and others. More than 30 products have been developed so far. In the beginning of 1997, CompuLab introduced the CORE Module Product Line
Products developed and manufactured by CompuLab are used by international companies such as CISCO, OKI and SIEMENS.

(This is the former Rockwell Semiconductor Systems department which was spun off in 1998).
Conexant Systems, Inc.
4311 Jamboree Rd., P.O. Box C
Newport Beach, CA 92658
tel: +1-800-8548099
tel: +1-714-2216996 - International General About News Technical info Search Contacts Former mother company
Conexant is a leader in the development and manufacturing of system-level semiconductor solutions that use mixed-signal processing technology to combine complex analog and digital functions on smaller and smaller pieces of silicon. The company's specialized expertise in signal processing algorithms, communications protocols and signal conversion technology has provided it with the technical underpinnings to deliver system solutions in a variety of diverse yet interrelated communications markets.

clock chips, SAW filters, voltage controlled oscillators

Consumer Microcircuits

Continental Device India
BJT transistor, high power, high voltage, zener diode

Chip sets

Conversion Devices
Conversion Devices Inc.
Brockton, Massachusetts

Copal Electronics Co., Ltd.
1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku
Tokyo 105, Japan
tel: +81-3-503-3777 General
Manufacturer of resistors, potentiometers, position encoders, DIP switches and sensors.

Cosmo Electronics Corp.
15F-1, No. 376, Sec 4, Jen-Ai Road
Taipei City
Taiwan, R.O.C.
tel: +1-886-2-27088038
fax: +1-886-2-27042833
fax: +1-886-2-27042808
Hall effect IC, photo MOS relay, photo coupler, proximity sensor, reed relay, solid state relay

CP Clare
(Theta-J bought out GI's Clare Division. Became CP Clare in 1984)
CP Clare Corporation
Solid State Division
8 Corporate Place
107 Audubon Road
Wakefield, MA 01880
tel: +1-617-246-4000
fax: +1-617-246-1356 General
semiconductor relay, semiconductor switch, transient suppressor

CPU Technology
CPU Technology, Inc.
4900 Hopyard Road Suite 300
They make 1750 compatible microprocessors and can solve DMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Suppliers)
(For big bucks for the military and the militairy industry. ;-)

Creative Labs
Creative labs
They make SoundBlasters PC-boards, but do they make chips? General Advanced Technology Center Advanced Technology Center

Cree Research
Cree Research, Inc. General Data sheets
Blue silicon carbide LED

See Catalina

Crimson Semiconductors
they make obsolete products from many other manufacturers

Crosslink Semiconductor

(Crosspoint Solutions has closed its doors several months ago. Paul G. Lazaga)
Crosspoint Solutions Inc.
5000 Old Ironsides Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
tel: +1-408-988-1584
fax: +1-408-980-9594 General

solid state relay

(1984, bought by Cirrus in 1991)
Crystal Semiconductor Corporation
Box 17847
Austin, TX 78760
tel: +1-512-445-7222
fax: +1-512-445-7581 May still be the other Crystal Parent company
audio chip, CODEC, data convertor, networking chip, telecom chip

Crystalonics Gone?
diode, BJT, JFET

See Cherry.

Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique,
Switzerland General
From the initial concept through development to the production management of the finished system, either on-chip or in module form, CSEM IC Design creates [...] solutions for portable, wireless and battery-powered applications. Design expertise includes low-power, low-voltage (0.9V +), RF (to 2.5 GHz), analog/digital, EEPROM and sensor elements on chip as well as remote sensing.

(Used to be MOS Technologies, later part of computer manufacturer Commodore which was bought and later sold again by Escom, which went broke and of which the Dutch part later re-emerged as Commodore again, after a management buy-out).
(Is the semiconductor section now owned by Gateway?)
Commodore Semiconductor Group

Century Semiconductor Inc.
1485 Saratoga Ave. Suite 200
San Jose, Ca. 95129
tel: +1-408-973-8388
fax: +1-408-973-9388 General

(Bought by Intel around 1997, but the chips are since 20000130 sold by Asiliant Technologies with a licence from Intel) General, linked to subpage at Intel's Data sheets PDF The new mommy
data controller chips, PC system chips, video chips

See CEM.

Cybernetic Micro Systems
Cybernetic Micro Systems
San Gregorio, California
Controller chips

(Founded 199903, spin-off from Benchmarq Microelectronicws, TelCom Semiconductor and the Crystal division of Cirrus Logic. invests in it.)
Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc.
4301 Westbank Drive, B-100
Austin, TX 78746
tel: +1-512-327-7088
fax: +1-512-327-7087 - sales General
Designs, manufactures, and markets field-programmable, mixed signal system-on-chip products and associated support tools. These products embody the Company's considerable technical skills integrating world-class analog, high-speed digital and FLASH memory functions into a single device with "no-compromises". The Company's C8051F product family features a high speed, 8051 code-compatible CPU, plus analog peripherals and FLASH programmability. The combination of mixed signal integration and field programmability benefit the user with higher component integration, greater design flexibility, faster time-to-market, superior system performance and greater end-product differentiation. Cygnal products are application solutions addressing a broad range of markets including communications systems, industrial equipment and consumer products. The Company's worldwide sales force consists of a network of field application engineers and manufacturer's representatives. Technical information is available and orders are accepted at the Company's e-commerce site at

spread spectrum chip, security products

(Founded 1982. In 1998 they bought IC Works.)
Cypress Semiconductor
3901 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95134
tel: +1-408-943-2600
tel: +32 -2-652-0270 Europe
fax: +1-408-943-2741 General

Products:Clock chip,data communication,EPLD gate array,EPROM,FCT logic,FIFO,FPGA,frequency synthesizer,multichip module,networking chip,PC chipset,PLD,PROM,specialty memorie,SRAM,timing generator,VMEbus

Chips: CYxxxx

(1988, Bought by NS in 199707. Bought by VIA around 2000.)
Cyrix Corporation
2703 N. Central Expressway
Richardson, TX 75080
tel: +1-800-462-9749 USA Main, Tech Support, and FaxBack
tel: +1-972-968-8388 Worldwide Main
tel: +1-972-968-8764 Worldwide FaxBack
fax: +1-972-699-9857 Worldwide Fax

Telephone of the European Response Center:
tel: 0800-908498 France
tel: +05-908498 Or this?
tel: +49-130-813839 Germany
tel: +44-800-137305 UK
tel: +44-1756-702815 All other countries Technical Support USA Reseller Sales Support Investor Relations General 20020414: gone?

Leading supplier of high-performance processors and systems to the personal computer industry. Founded in 1988, the company designs, manufactures and markets innovative x86 software-compatible processors for the desktop and mobile computer markets. The Cyrix 6x86 processor was recently recognized for its performance with awards from a number of publications, including Byte Magazines Best Technology at CeBIT96, PC Weeks Corporate IT Excellence Award and Windows Sources Stellar Award.
Cyrix 5x86 Processor
Cyrix 6x86 Processor

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