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COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

(Owned by Matsushita.)
(National) Panasonic

In 199809 it was acquired by IXYS. The present company About the merger
DRAM Module, Processor Specific RAM, Very High Speed CMOS SRAM

Paralan Corporation
4655 Ruffner Street
San Diego, CA 92111
tel: +1-619-5607266
fax: +1-619-5608929 General About News Data USA representants Contact


The Paralan SCSI expander ASIC (PAR5780) provides a conversion from single-ended SCSI to differential SCSI and vice versa, with isolation between two ports. It may also be used in a single-ended-to-single-ended mode where the intent is to act as a switch or as a regenerator of the SCSI input on one side to the other side. The Expander ASIC does not consume a SCSI address or node, making it completely transparent in a SCSI system.
We make our own SCSI chip, which we use in all our products, and we also sell this chip. The PAR5780 allows us to build single to differential SCSI Converters, SCSI Regenerators, SCSI Extenders.

Para Light
(Now part of American Opto Plus LED Corp.)
Para Light (USA) Corp.
545 West Allen Avenue, Unit 6
San Dimas, CA 91773
tel: +1-909-305-2393
tel: +1-888-LED-PARA
fax: +1-909-305-2389
Leading LED Manufacture
Light Emitting Diodes are generally classified as infrared LED's or visible LED's depending on the wavelength of the light they emit.
The abstract structure of an LED contains Epoxy resin, LED chip, LED leads, Gold bonding wire. LED chip has two electrodes; one is on the suface of the P layer and the other on that of the N layer. The LED lead contains two sections, with a LED chip on one side and a gold wire connected to the other side. Voltage will be able to be applied to P/N junction of LED chip. When a voltage is applied to the junction, a current flows through the P-N junction and light is emitted from the LED chip.

Patriot Scientific Corp.
Manufacturer of the PSC1000 embedded microprocessor.

Power Convertables Corp.

(Wholly owned subsidiary of Cirrus Logic.)
Pacific Communication Sciences Inc.
ICs for wireless communications, e.g. chipsets for Personal Handyphone System (PHS) hand-sets, see:

Chip set

(Merged with another company and became Mospec.)

Chip set?

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.
6175 Nancy Ridge Drive
San Diego, CA 92121
tel: +1-619-455-0660
fax: +1-619-455-0770
Integrated circuits based on Peregrine's patented UTSi ultra-thin-silicon process, a SOI (Silicon On Insulator) technology.

(First they seemed to have gone bankrupt with most of their business taken over by Cypress but now it seems they still make old low-bit-amount SRAM's.)
Last known address:
Performance Semiconductor Corporation
610 East Weddel Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
tel: +1-408-734-9000
fax: +1-408-734-0962 General One of their distributors.

Performance Motion Devices
Performance Motion Devices, Inc.
12 Waltham Street
Lexington, MA 02173
tel: 781-674-9860
fax: 781-674-9861 General About
Performance Motion Devices designs and manufactures advanced motion control IC's that are used in robotic and automated equipment.
Typical features of these DSP/ASIC chipsets include trajectory generation, servo loop closure, sinusoidal commutation and direct quadrature position input.
Our IC's control DC-Servo, Brushless Servo, and Stepper motors. One or more output drive methods are supported including PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), DAC compatibility (Digital to Analog Converter), and Pulse and Direction.

Pericom, Inc.
2380 Bering Drive
San Jose, CA 95131
tel: +1-408-435-0800
tel: +1-800-435-2336
fax: +1-408-435-1100
fax: +1-800-609-4595 General About Technical data Search engine Distributors/Rep's Order Datasheets/books
Produces clock distribution circuits, PLL circuits, programmable delay lines. Second source for some Cypress chips.

PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
(This is the former EG&G Reticon)
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
44370 Christy Street
Fremont, CA 94538-3180
tel: +1-510-979-6500
tel: +1-800-775-OPTO (6786) - toll free
fax: +1-510-687-1140 General The former mother company

PhaseLink Laboratories, Inc.
45437 Warm Springs BLVD.
Fremont, CA 94539
tel: +1-510-492-0990
fax: +1-510-492-0991
PhaseLink Laboratories, Inc. (PLL) manufactures standard products for frequency and timing generation, clock synchronization, crystal oscillator drivers and analog signal processing

COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

(Philips Semiconductors USA was formerly called Signetics.)
Philips Semiconductors
Philips Semiconductors, Marketing & Sales Communications
Building HVG
P.O. Box 218
5600 MD Eindhoven
Fax: +31-40-272-4825 - to locate international distributor
North America:
Philips Semiconductors
811 East Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3409
tel: +1-800-234-7381
tel: +1-800-943-0087 - for micro controller support Semiconductors, USA Data sheets, USA Subscribe to the Philips MCU forum Mother company, general

See also:
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local I2C page

Philips ECG
See ECG.

Philsar Electronics, Inc.
146 Colonnade Road S.
Nepean, Ontario, K2E 7Y1
tel: +1-613-274-0922
fax: +1-613-274-0915 General
Developer of semiconductor solutions for Personal Wireless Connectivity (PWC). Philsar enables more rapid growth in emerging wireless communication markets via its innovative Radio Signal Processor technology. Philsar delivers ultra-low power, highly configurable, high performance semiconductor solutions that are modulation- and protocol-independent. Designers are thus able to get to market sooner with lower total system costs. Markets such as mobile and handheld computing, home and enterprise wireless connectivity and others promoted by standards such as Bluetooth and HomeRF, are targets for Philsar's chipsets.
The Philsar PH1575 GPS receiver offers the highest level of on-chip integration on the market today.
The Philsar MuRF is the industry's first single chip, ultralow power, highly integrated two-way Multi-Purpose RF transceiver targeted at two-way local pagers, remote or mobile computing, and remote keyless entry systems.
The Philsar Dual Fractional-N Synthesizers offer low phase noise and fine step size.

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(They merged with Award during 199809, they also bought Sand then.)
Phoenix Technologies, Ltd.
2770 De La Cruz Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95050
tel: +1-800-677-7305
fax: +1-408-654-9000 General General For upgrades
They make BIOS's, not real chips. Their daughter Sand makes chips.
Click on BIOS for more information.

2529 Foothill Blvd.
La Crescenta, CA 91214
tel: +1-818-248-4393
fax: +1-818-542-3559 sales business development employment related inquiries

CMOS Active Pixel Sensors
Digital camera chips
Low power photodetectors
VLSI Design Services
Photobit is the world leader in high performance CMOS active pixel sensor (APS) electronic image capture technology.
CMOS APS-based cameras and APS imaging devices are developed by Photobit for a wide variety of applications using technology developed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and exclusively licensed by Photobit.
CMOS APS has many advantages over the 25-year old CCD technology including 100x lower power dissipation and 10x improvement in system miniaturization.
With a vertically integrated technology base, Photobit offers a wide spectrum of products and services for advanced electronic image capture including custom image sensor design.
Photobit was founded in early 1995 by Dr. Sabrina Kemeny, one of the original inventors of the CMOS APS technology.
The company was formed as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in November 1995.
Photobit has exclusive rights to the CMOS APS intellectual property developed at Jet Propulsion Laboratory through a license from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).
Leading the Active Pixel Revolution!

(Bought by Level1?)
Phylon 20020421: gone?
Modem, sound and other programs for TI processors
They made the Atari Jaguar modem and seems like thats about all they were known for? Might wanna update the page that says the Phylon site is gone, there is another Phylon company named Phylon Communications or something, they also do network products as Phylon did, maybe they are the new Phylon reinvented.. Kevin.

Power Interface

(Acquired by Broadcom.)
Puyallup Integrated Circuit Company Jumps to the site of Broadcom.
IC design services.

Pijnenburg Custom Chips BV
Boxtelseweg 26
5261 NE, Vught
tel: +31-73-684-8450
fax: +31-73-684-8479
Turnkey ASIC desing and manufacturing services.
Focus on supplying solutions for complex systems in following industry segments: telecommunications, datacommunications, computing, video processing and security.





Telecommunications (ADSI):

Pioneer Video Corporation

Pixel Semiconductor
(A Cirrus Logic Company)

Now part of GPSI

(19991214 bought by Zilog)
Production Languages Corp.

PLX Technology Inc.
390 Potrero Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
tel: +1-800-759-3735
tel: +1-408-774-9060
fax: +1-408-774-2169 Data sheets
PCI Bus Master Interface Chip

(Formerly Sierra Semiconductor from California it seems)
PMC-Sierra, Inc.
8501 Commerce Court
Bumaby, BC V5A 4N3
tel: +1-604-668-7300 Main Canada
They don't seem to make modem chips anymore.

Performance Motion Devices
Performance Motion Devices designs and manufactures advanced motion control I.C.'s that are used in robotic and automated equipment. Typical features of these DSP/ASIC chipsets include trajectory generation, servo loop closure, sinusoidal commutation, and direct quadrature position input.

Pilkington Micro-electronics Limited home page contact info
A research and design company specialising in the development of programmable micro-electronic technologies, that are licensed to other semiconductor companies.
Motorola for example seems to have used technology of PMeL for the MPA series FPGAs.

(Bought by Analog)
Precision Monolithics Inc.

Polyfet RF Devices
Manufactures High Power Mosfet RF Transistors

(POSEICO is the management buy out company (around 2001) formed out of the former Semiconductors Department of Ansaldo Trasporti SPA) POwer SEmiconductors Italian COrporation Via N. Lorenzi 8 16152 Genoa Italy tel: +39-10-6556775 tel: +39-10-6556386 fax: +39-10-6442510 new old
Dedicated to research, design, manufacturing and trade of high power diodes, thyristors, GTOs, transistor modules, power assemblies and traction rectifiers.
diodes, rectifiers, thyristors

Powerchip Semiconductor Corp., Taiwan

Power Innovations
Power Innovations, Ltd.
Manton Lane
Bedford MK41 7BJ
United Kingdom
tel: +44-1234-223022
fax: +44-1234-223011 General Products
We design, manufacture and supply high performance TISP telecom overvoltage protectors, transistors, darlingtons, thyristors and the Fluoractor. We have a specialised silicon process which enables us to develop unique products for demanding applications, often involving the integration of multiple high-voltage or high-current devices in a single die to reduce cost and space.

Power Convertibles
Power Convertibles Data sheets

Power Integrations
Power Integrations, Inc.
477 North Mathilda Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
tel: +1-408-523-9200
fax: +1-408-523-9300
Power Integrations, Inc. is the leading supplier of high-voltage analog integrated circuits for use in AC to DC and high-voltage DC to DC power conversion applications.
TOPSwitch is the name of one of their products.

PowerTech Inc.
0-02 Fair Lawn Avenue
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
tel: +1-201-791-5050
fax: +1-201-791-6805 General Data sheets
Single diffused "hometaxial" type power transistors. These devices are solderable and are rugged in terms of safe operating area.
PowerTech concentrates on bipolar power transistors. We can produce many of the "hard to find types" previously produced by RCA, Westinghouse Solitron stc.
We have MIL/Aero production and testing capabilities.
Single and triple diffused bipolar transistors.
High current silicon power transistors for over 25 years.
Main market is mil/areo type devices where high power dissipation
and high current operation is desired.

Power Trends
(Bought by TI). New parent company explanation about acquisition on TI site

DC/DC Converter, Integrated Switching Regulator

Designs, manufactures and tests ASIC's for others, see Prema.

Promise Technology Inc.

They only make two chips:
Chip Description Data Data
PDC20630C VESA Local Bus EIDE Disk Controller ASIC
PDC20270 PCI Local Bus EIDE Disk Controller ASIC

ProMos Technologies Inc.
Taiwan 20021210: Gone?

Protek Devices
Protek Devices
Transient Protection Device

See Performance.

See Picco.

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