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Rabbit Semiconductor
2932 Spafford Street
Davis, CA 95616
tel: +1-530-757-8400
fax: +1-530-757-8402
Fabless semiconductor company specializing in microprocessors. It is a division of Z-World, a supplier of small microprocessor based controllers. Member of the Fabless Semiconductor Association.
They make an MCU based on the HD64180 and Z180, but 3 times faster and with a lot of integrated IO. The development kit only costs $99 (Info dated 200001).

RadiSys Corporation
5445 NE Dawson Creek Drive
Hillsboro, OR 97124
tel: +1-800-950-0044 (USA and Canada)
tel: +1-503-615-1100
fax: +1-503-615-1150
tel: +1-800-256-5917 - Product Service Center
tel: +1-617-235-6824 - DSP Product Technical Support
Worldwide Offices:
tel: +81-3-5496-7891 Japan
tel: +44-1793-411200 UK
tel: +31-40-653-644 Netherlands
tel: +49-811-95817 Germany General Specification, price and availability questions Technical support Hardware service

R300EX memory/bus controller for Intel386 EX
R380EX single chip, ISAbus system controller for Intel386 EX
R400EX single chip ISAbus/Local bus controller for the Intel DX4.

RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ:RSYS) designs and manufactures computers that Equipment Manufacturers embed into their products. RadiSys delivers precisely the right computer to each customer by leveraging a database of intellectual property that is focused on Intel-based designs. Equipment Manufacturers accelerate their time-to-market, recapture engineering resources, and optimize profitability over the life of their product by partnering with RadiSys as a virtual division of their company. RadiSys computers incorporate Intel processors in a wide variety of form factors, core logic components, real-time system software, and TI-based DSP subsystems. RadiSys supports its customers with a long, stable supply of computers manufactured in their own facilities.

Rambus Inc.
2465 Latham Street
Mountain View, CA 94040
tel: +1-650-944-8000
fax: +1-650-944-8080 USA Japan
Rambus Inc. [Nasdaq:RMBS] develops and licenses scalable bandwidth, chip-to-chip interface technologies that enables semiconductor memory devices and ASICs to keep pace with faster generations of processors and controllers. Rambus technology is incorporated onto dynamic-random-access-memory (DRAM) chips and the logic devices that control them to deliver more than ten times the performance of conventional DRAMs. A single Rambus(R) DRAM device, referred to as an RDRAM(R) device, transfers data at speeds up to 800MHz and beyond over the Rambus Channel to Rambus-compatible ICs.
Rambus chip connection technology is an open standard, accessible to all semiconductor companies. Rambus provides licensees with a full range of design, documentation and system-engineering services. In exchange, IC companies pay an up-front license fee and royalties. System companies buy Rambus-compatible ICs from licensed semiconductor companies; they do not pay separate royalties or license fees for using Rambus technology.
The high-bandwidth, low pin-count Rambus interface has a major impact on improving the price/performance and reducing the size of a broad range of systems from desktop computers to portables to communications systems to multimedia and consumer digital video products. Rambus Inc.'s unique technology uses standard CMOS processes, low cost IC packaging, and standard printed circuit board technologies to deliver the highest performance at a low cost.
2002/Sean: They have now diversified and in additon to their core memory business they are also designing serial link system platform / high-speed interconnects

(Infineon invested about $30 million in it around 200012 in inexchange for new memory technology)
Ramtron International Corporation
1850 Ramtron Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
tel: +1-719-481-7000
tel: +1-800-545-FRAM
fax: +1-719-481-9294 General Data sheets
Ferroelectric Nonvolatile SRAM, Super-Fast EDRAM

Raytheon Semiconductor Co.
350 Ellis Street
Mountain View, CA 94039
tel: +1-408-522-7089
fax: +1-408-522-7055
Raytheon Systems Ltd
Queensway Industrial Estate
Fife KY7 5PY
tel: +44-1592-754311
fAX: +44-1592-759775 Electronics Electronics General

COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

(Bought by GE, GE by Harris, Harris Semi's is now Intersil.)

RC Systems
RC Systems, Inc.
1609 England Ave.
Everett, WA 98203
tel: +1-425-355-3800
fax: +1-425-355-1098 General Data
The RC8650 voice synthesizer chip set is the latest creation from RC Systems. Our 16+ years experience in providing leading edge text to speech solutions has been integrated into silicon, now available in an easy to use chip set. You'll be amazed at the amount of functionality and versatility that we've built into these devices: unlimited vocabulary, on-the-fly voice control, tone generation, recorded voice playback, addressable voice channels, multiple input and output protocols... the list goes on.
Thought that a PC was the only way to generate speech from text? The RC8650 enables you to add text to speech capability to virtually any embedded system, quickly and painlessly, without a PC and virtually no overhead. You can send text messages to the RC8650 via an asynchronous serial port, printer port, or SRAM-like microprocessor interface. The audio output is delivered as either an analog signal or digital audio, if you need to do further processing of the audio stream. All the RC8650 asks for is 17 mA of operating current (5 V) to keep it happy, or only 2 uA when you're not using it. Think a PC would ask so little?

(1987: Founded. 1989: Acquired CMOS 4000 family from Allegro. 1991: Launched CMOS Analog/Digital Mixed Mode IC design group. 1993: Started providing complete solutions from production to volume delivery.)
R&E International Inc. General

RealTek Semiconductor Corporation
Taiwan General Data?

Redux Communications
Redux Ltd.
Beit Lotem, Shilat, POB 101,
Modi'in 71700
tel: +972-8-914-8888
fax: +972-8-914-8889
Redux Inc.
1750 Tysons Blvd., Suite 400
McLean, VA 22102
tel: +1-703-744-1196
fax: +1-703-744-1001
Fabless semiconductor company providing 100 Mbps traffic processors for use in a wide variety of Ethernet-service demarcation applications in business and residential environments.
As a result of its unique packet processing streaming architecture, Redux's solutions deliver wire-speed layer 2 through 7 traffic classification, routing and scheduling at a fraction of the cost, size and power of available general purpose processors.
With Redux, OEMs are able to create a new generation of broadband gateways and access devices to support the rapidly increasing demand for intelligent CPE with application-layer filtering, bandwidth management, performance monitoring and more.

(Owned by Micron)
Rendition linked to the Integrated Technology Group of Micron directly to that page
They made low-cost graphics controller chipsets.

Merger of Mitsubishi's DRAM department and Elpida?

See EG&G Reticon

RF Micro Devices General Datasheets
RF Micro Devices, Inc. is a leading supplier of radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) for the wireless, broadband and cable communications industries. RFMD designs and manufactures components for many communications applications, from cellular to CATV. The ever-expanding RFMD(TM) product line includes power amplifiers, linear amplifiers, LNA/mixers, quadrature modulators/demodulators, upconverters, front ends, attenuators, switches and transceivers.

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Rhombus Industries
(Founded in 1970)
Rhombus Industries
15801 Chemical Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1595
tel: +1-714-898-0960
fax: +1-714-896-0971 General
Delay Line for Passive and Active Application, Pulse Transformer for LAN/WAN Data Communication
Privately owned corporation and a leading designer and manufacturer of transformers, inductors, delay lines, filters and magnetic products. Our headquarters includes engineering, research and development, complete manufacturing capabilities, marketing and extensive in-house environmental testing capabilities. Supporting the Huntington Beach facility is our privately owned and operated sub-assembly operation located in Thailand.
Insuring the accuracy, consistency, and overall quality of Rhombus products is of primary concern. All of our products are designed and built to meet the most demanding reliability requirements. We have an extensive quality control program which incorporates statistical process control and is also in strict compliance with MIL-I-45208.

Ricoh Corporation
Electronic Devices Division
3001 Orchard Parkway
San Jose, CA 95134
tel: +1-408-432-8800
fax: +1-408-432-8375 General English Datasbeets English
Ricoh is a manufacturer of power management IC's, real time clocks, PCMCIA and CardBus controllers and various other ASSPs. They also provide foundry services.
Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Electronic Devices Division of Ricoh Corporation was established in 1984 to provide better service and support to our valued customers. Our responsibilities include marketing and sales, distribution, design, service and support in the North American market for Ricoh IC and related products. The Electronic Devices Division has two fabrication facilities in Japan. Our Division's Headquarters and first fab is located in Osaka. Our new facility is situated in the rural community of Yashiro, just outside of Osaka. The Ricoh Yashiro plant is a highly automated fab designed to provide the highest level of manufacturing and quality control technologies.
ASSP Voice Recognition, PC Card Controller, PCM Sound Generator
Standard IC's Real Time Clocks, 8/16-Bit Micro Controller, Power Management ICs
Foundry CMOS (1.5 micron to 0.35 micron) 6" and 8" wafers
RF5C296/RF5C396 PCMCIA2.1 PC Card Controller
RL/RT/RC5C475A PCI CardBus Bridge Controller
RL5C476A PCI CardBus Bridge Controller
RL/RB5C478A PCI CardBus Bridge Controller
Rx5C292 Series Digital Video Encoder
RF5A128/RF5S830 Voice Recognition LSI


Rise Technology
They make cheap CPU's. mP6, cheap chip for notebooks, specializing in DVD and 3D.

See Rocky Mountain RAM

Robert Bosch
Robert Bosch Corporation
38000 Hills Tech Drive
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
tel: +1-810-553-1184
fax: +1-810-553-1426
Robert Bosch GmbH
Postfach 1342
D-72703 Reutlingen
tel: +49-7121-35-2979
fax: +49-7121-35-2170
CF150 Bidirectional Can Bus Transceiver

COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

Bought by Xilinx on 20001003. See

(Rockwell spun off its Rockwell Semiconductor Systems group in 1998, which is now known as Conexant.) The former mother company

Rocky Mountain Ram
Rocky Mountain Ram
5600 Airport Blvd Suite B
Boulder, CO 80301
tel: +1-800-543-0932
fax: +1-303-413-8244 General About Technical news Computer manufacturers
A woman-owned manufacturer of the highest quality computer upgrades. We specialize in government, university and retail distribution systems. The principals of Rocky Mountain Ram have over 60 years of combined experience in the computer memory and peripheral industry. We do all design, acquisition and manufacturing in-house.

We design, build and broker chips:

Rocky Mountain Ram was founded by industry leaders to provide memory components for laptops, workstation, PC's, laser printers and digital cameras.
We also specialize in designing and building unique memory modules for industrial applications.
Contact us with your specifications and needs.

Rohm Co. Ltd.
21 Saiin Mizosaki-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 615
tel: +81-75-311-2121
fax: +81-75-315-0172
Rohm Corporation
3034 Owen Drive
Antioch, TN 37013
tel: +1-615-641-2020
Rohm Electronics GmbH
c/Sant Cristofol, 25a
E 08330 Premia de Mar/Barcelona
tel: +34-3-752-4320
fax: +34-3-752-4410
Rohm Electronics
24, Rue Saarinen
F 94528 Rungis Cedex
tel: +33-1-4675-9551
fax: +33-1-4675-0047
Rohm Electronics GmbH
Karl Arnold Str. 15
D 47877 Willich-Münchheide
tel: +49-2154-9210-0
fax: +49-2154-9210-400
Rohm Electronics GmbH
Landshuter Str. 30
D 85356 Freising
tel: +49-8161-96-830
fax: +49-8161-96-8315 General Datasheets Japan Data sheets USA

(Owned by Fujitsu)
Ross Technologies
5316 Highway 290 W
Suite 500
Austin, TX 78735
tel: +1-512-892-7802
fax: +1-512-892-3036
They design SPARC based RISC processors

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