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(Owned by Fujitsu)
HaL 20020414: gone!
It's not sure wether HaL produces CPU's or only sells computer systems with RISC CPUs.

Halo Electronics
Redwood City, CA
Network filtering IC's
[Do they really make chips?]

Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
They seem to produce wafers/die...

On 19990813 Harris sold it's Semiconductor Corporation under the name Intersil to Citicorp Venture Capital.
Not all of Harris' semiconductors went with Intersil. I've just gotten an e-mail back from Intersil that states that Harris' CMOS logic families of parts were sold to Texas Instruments.
Sean General The former mother company

Headland Technologies
Chip sets

Huajing Electronics Group Co.
Wuxi, China More info

See Hyundai, now Hynix.

(also know as Hi/fn)
This is the former Stac Electronics. Stac specialized in making compression chips (using their own LZS compression algorithm) for use in things like tape drives. In the late 1990s their chip division (as well as the LZS patents) were spun off into Hi/fn, which started diversifying into encryption processing (with compression included, intended for VPN appliances and such) in 1997-1998.
The parent company dropped the Stac name, changing their name to Previo, and got into the backup, disaster recovery and helpdesk support software business (their page is at

HighPoint Technologies
IDE/ATA RAID controller chip.

HPT370A PCI Dual Channel Ultra DMA/ATA100 RAID Controller, which is the new version of HPT370 RAID controller family that integrates the latest ATA100 technology. Compared to HPT370, HPT370A adopts higher process.
Used by Adaptec and Sun Cobalt.

Caesar chipset

COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

(See also the next entry and also see Elpida which Hitachi owns 50% of.)
Hitachi America Ltd
Semiconductor and IC Division
2000 Sierra Point Parkway
MS 080
Brisbane, CA 94005
tel: +1-800-285-1601
tel: +1-800-448-2244
tel: +1-415-589-8300
fax: +1-415-583-4207 Data sheets Data sheets (or here?)
Hitachi Semiconductor and Integrated Circuits Division: home page in English products LCD's etc.
4-, 8-, 16-Bit Microcomputer, 32-Bit Microprocessor, AD/DA Converter, AS Memory, CMOS Gate Array, CMOS Standard Logic IC, Colour Display Tubes, Colour Picture Tubes,
Digital Signal Processor, Discrete Component, Display Controller/Driver, Dynamic RAM Module, Dynamic RAM, EPROM, Infrared Diode,
Laser Diode, Linear IC, Liquid Crystal Display, Mask ROM, Microprocessor Peripheral, Module,
Photo Diode, Smart Card IC, Speech IC, Static RAM, Telecom IC, Transistor

See also:

Hitachi Kokusai Electric
(See also the next entry, and also see Elpida which Hitachi owns 50% of.)
Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Inc.
P'S Higashi-Nakano
3-14-20 Higashi Nakano
Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-8511
tel: +81-333-65-9190
fax: +81-333-65-9119 About their chips Japan USA

See Hualon.

Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.
No. 3 Creation Road II,
Science-Based Industrial Park,
Taiwan, R.O.C.
tel: +886-3-5631999
fax: +886-3-5631189
Taipei office:
5F, No.576, Sec.7 Chung Hsiao E. Rd.
Taiwan, R.O.C.
tel: +886-2-2782-9635
fax: +886-2-2782-9636
fax: +886-2-2782-7128 - International sales hotline Nice site and lot's of PDF's
ASIC's, Chips for Games & Watches, Communication Chips (Dialer, Pager), LCD Drivers, Microcontrollers, PC Peripheral Chips

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(Founded 1976)
Holt Integrated Circuits, Inc.
23351 Madero
Mission Viejo, CA 92691-2730
tel: +1-949-859-8800
fax: +1-949-859-9643 General
Holt Integrated Circuits was one of the early suppliers of low power, mixed signal cell based custom and semi-custom CMOS IC's worldwide. Applications included heart pacemakers, data and voice communications, industrial instrumentation, avionics and consumer products.
Holt has gradually changed it's focus to become a major supplier of standard products for the display driver and avionics markets.
The HI-8010 series of Dichroic LCD Display Drivers was Holt's first standard product entry into the avionics market in 1984. Along with the newer HI-8020, HI-8040 & HI-8045 drivers, they are now widely used in a variety of military and commercial avionics displays as well as ground based applications.
The initial Holt ARINC 429 standard products were introduced in 1990 in response to requests from several avionics manufacturers for an alternate, cost effective source of monolithic devices for this protocol. The product line has been further expanded with additional devices including two DESC SMD part numbers. New products are under development for both this and other avionics protocols.
With a product development strategy focused on technology trends that will provide physically smaller ICs with enhanced performance and functions, look for new innovations with astonishing levels of integration in our new product introductions over the coming years. Our expertise in providing the right components and circuits on-chip has enabled Holt to be a leader in mixed voltage and mixed mode designs for our target markets. This translates to performance, cost, and size advantages for our customers.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Technology
HK3000 chipset

Home-Tech Ltd
18 Shlomzion st.
tel: +972-3-6764818
tel: +972-53-977667
fax: +972-3-6764815 General
They design chips

(See also MICRO SWITCH for sensors) Chips

(19991118 the semiconductor division became part of Agilent, when that was spun-off.)
See Agilent.
Hewlett-Packard Co Inquiries
19310 Pruneridge Avenue
Cupertino, CA 95014
tel: +1-800-752-0900 General New

See Hynix

HSiN Semiconductor Pte Ltd. General

High Tech Chips
P.O.Box 250969
Glendale, CA 91225-0969
USA general company news products data sheets search


Hualon Microelectronics Corp.
10-3F, No. 351, Sec. 2, Chung Shan Road
Chungho City, Taipei
Taiwan, R.O.C.
tel: +886-2-822-12968
fax: +886-2-822-12950
Hualon Microelectronic Corp. USA
tel: +1-415-288-0390
fax: +1-415-288-0399
Distributor in Germany:
AHE Electronic Vertriebs GmbH
Am Purzelberg 22
D 86735 Amerdingen
Tel: +49-9008-711
Fax: +49-9008-710 20020414: gone?
HM82C11 Printer Adapter Interface
HM8348 Mouse Controller and ...?
HM8350 Probably also theirs...

Hua Yue Microelectronics Co.
Shaoxing, China

Hudson Industries behind the big slow JPG image you get a big slow JPG image first (at least today on 20010829)

Hughes Microelectronics
500 Superior Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA
tel: +1-714-759-2727
fax: +1-714-759-2913
NON Volatile Serial Programmable Devices, Microprocessor and Peripheral IC's, CMOS RAMs, EEPROM, LCD Driver IC's
HML9011 Interface Circuit, General Input

(This is the former Hyundai Electronics. They bought LG Micro-electronics in 199910. Since then biggest DRAM maker in the world.)
HSI (Hynix Semiconductor Inc.)
San 136-1, Ami-Ri Bubal-eub lchon-si Kyongki-do
tel: +82-31-630-4114
fax: +82-31-630-4103
HSA (Hynix Semiconductor America Inc.)
3101 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95134
tel: +1-408-232-8000
fax: +1-408-232-8110 General America, old Korea, old ?, old
Hynix Semiconductor has grown steadily into a world-class Semiconductor manufacturer. Our success has been based on a number of factors such as efficiency of production, ongoing R & D investment, a clear and dedicated management team whose primary concern is customer satisfaction and a now with a exclusive focus on semiconductors.
In 1999 we merged with LG Semiconductor, with the result that Hynix Semiconductor is now the world's largest DRAM producer, as well as being the leader in semiconductor R & D by fully exploiting the synergies resulting from the integration of both companies.


Hyperstone Electronics GmbH
Am Seerhein 8
D-78467 Konstanz, Germany
tel: +49-7531-67789
tel: +49-7531-98030
fax: +49-7531-51725
Vallco Financial Center
10050 N. Wolfe Road
Suite SW1-276
Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
tel: +1-408-253-0283
fax: +1-408-446-5139

Hy-Q International
1438 Cox Avenue
Erlanger, Kentucky 41018
tel: +1 606 283-5000
fax: +1 606 283-0883
Worldwide manufacturer of high quality frequency control produsts, including quartz crystals, oscillators and filters

Now called Hynix.

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