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(20020414: It seems to have gone bankrupt and may be bought by
V3 Semiconductor
2348 Walsh Avenue, Suite G
Santa Clara, CA 95051
tel: +1-408-988-1050
tel: +1-800-488-8410
fax: +1-408-988-2601
fax: +1-408-988-2601 - Product info - Technical support 20020414: links to a page on the Quicklogic site with more information about the bankruptcy proceedings
V3 Semiconductor is the leading supplier of chipsets for high performance embedded processors, as well as for non-processor based embedded applications. Our products include the highest performance PCI bridges on the market today, bursting memory controllers and high-integration peripheral components
Embedded Systems Products
PCI Bridge Controllers
DRAM Burst Memory Controllers
Small System Controllers
Evaluation boards

See: EGG Vactec

1960 Zanker Rd
San Jose, CA 95112, USA
tel: +1-408-467-2100
fax: +1-408-467-2199
I was looking for info on their VG330 chip, page7 of EETime's Semi's of the Month Product News, February '96
Tim Braun <>
Microcontrollers for portable applications.

(Founded in 1999)
Bluetooth chip manufacturer.
Fabless semiconductor company focused on providing highly integrated solutions for cutting-edge broadband and wireless networking technologies. The initial products, designed with state-of-the-art 0.18 micron CMOS, utilize high bandwidth transmission technology to provide solutions for fibre, wireline and wireless LAN systems.
Delivers integrated semiconductors to equipment manufacturers in the Data Communications market. Vaishali's semiconductor design expertise is applied constantly in the service of manufacturers' needs for higher bandwidth and high-speed connectivity to the Internet. The Internet has become the dominant medium of communication throughout the world, yet high-speed access and high volume data transfer are not universally available. New broadband access technologies enable high speed web browsing, multi channel voice, video, secured data, and mobile communication. Vaishali is the semiconductor company that is providing the key building blocks in the broadband access revolution
Not since the Industrial Revolution has there been such a change in the way people work and communicate. Burgeoning new technologies are generating a mushrooming demand for sophisticated integrated circuits. Vaishali has anticipated the industry's needs and has invested heavily in design centers and partnerships. An example of Vaishali's proactive culture is the company's development of semiconductors for wireless circuits enabled by Bluetooth. This technology will use radio to allow notebook PCs, mobile phones, PDAs and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) smart phones to share access to the Internet, a corporate intranet, and emerging data and voice services.

They make memory

See VIS.

(Formerly AMD's division for PLD's and CPLD's. Sold to Latice Semiconductor 199904.)
Vantis General About the sale

Vectron Technologies Inc. (Also called VTI, don't confuse with VLSI Tech. Inc.)
Crystal oscillators, voltage controlled crystal oscillators, voltage controlled SAW oscillators, timing recovery units, SAW filters.
(Not exactly chips but at least IC type packages, somebody might find on a PCB somewhere...)

Vertex Networks
(2000: Bought by Mitel which is now called Zarlink.)
Vertex Networks, Inc.
Ethernet Switch IC*s etc.

VIA Technologies Inc. General
Send an email to '' with in the body 'subscribe newsletters' to subscribe to their newsletters mailing list.
They make chipsets for PC motherboards.

Chip set

(Was called Advanced Telecommunications Modules until 199802)
Virata Ltd.

(Founded 199412)
Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS)
Taiwan Taiwan, general Taiwan, data European (sales branch) European, data cross-licensing agreement with TI

The company was formed upon the privatization of the Sub-Micron Project, a four-year research effort sponsored by Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Initial capitalization for VIS was about US$600 million and the current registered capital is about US$1000 million. In March, 1998, VIS became a listed company on the Taiwan over-the-counter stock exchange. Major investors in VIS include the Developmental Fund of Taiwan's Executive Yuan, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). USI Far East Corp., and Walsin Lihwa Corp. It specializes in DRAM en logic IC foundry services.

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(They bought Temic 19980303 with it's 80.4% share in Siliconix. IC part was sold on to Atmel on the next day.)
Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
Malvern, PA 19355
USA - literature and support General Obsolete, links to the Vishay site Auto parts including sensors, since 20010612 for 60% owned by Continental AG, Hannover. Buy of Temic
Largest U.S. and European manufacturer of passive electronic components and a leading producer of discrete semiconductor components and selected ICs. Through internal research and development and an aggressive acquisition strategy, Vishay has established a unique position as the global manufacturer of the broadest line of discrete electronic components available. Vishay's passive component products include resistors, resistive sensors, capacitors, and inductors. Its semiconductor components include diodes and transistors of all types, optoelectronic products, and power and analog switching integrated circuits. All of these components are vital to the operation of electronic circuits and can be found in computers, telephones, TVs, automobiles, household appliances, medical equipment, satellites, and military and aerospace equipment. You are likely to find Vishay components in electronic products made by every U.S. or European manufacturer and by many Asian manufacturers. The Company serves its customers through a worldwide network of manufacturing facilities, inside sales and technical support offices, as well as independent distributorships and manufacturers? representatives located in all industrial countries. The Company?s widespread operations enable its customers to do business with a single global manufacturer for essentially all of their discrete electronic component needs.

They make memory

See MV

741 Calle Plano
Camarillo, CA 93012
tel: +1-805-388-3700
fax: +1-805-987-5896 Data sheets
Fast Gallium Arsenide chips

20000719: Bought by NS.
Vivid Semiconductor, Inc. links to page on NS's site with more information about the acquisition new mother
20000719: National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM) today announced it has acquired the operations of Vivid Semiconductor, Inc., a flat-panel display design firm based in Chandler, AZ. National said the addition of Vivid's technologies and expert analog engineering resources will expand National's strengths in creating silicon solutions for the rapidly growing flat-panel display market. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

See VTI.

VLSI Vision
(Formerly owned by Vision Group PLC. but acquired early 1999 by ST.)
VLSI Vision Ltd.
Edinburgh, Scotland
UK More about the acquisition by ST new mother
Old information:
They make CMOS image sensors for electronic cameras.

VMT Division, ASCII Corp.
8-1 Inaraimae
Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305
tel: +81-298-55-4004
fax: +81-298-55-1985
fax: +81-298-55-3855
No WWW site known.

VM486DLC2 486DLC compatible CPU
VM386SX+ 386SX compatible CPU
VM863S 286 real mode only CPU
VM867S 1K cache 50MHz 16bit CPU
VM863C110 CPU core ASSP

Since 1986 VMT is providing x86 compatible microprocessors mainly for embedded/consumer application.
All processors are VMT original design.
Faster than other source!

VTC Inc.
2800 East Old Shakopee Road
Bloomington, MN 55425
tel: +1-612-853-5100
tel: +1-800-882-3472
fax: +1-612-853-3355
Read/write preamplifiers and channel circuitry for hard disk drives.
  • VTC is an ISO9001 certified, privately-held, semiconductor manufacturer in Minnesota.
  • VTC specializes in providing exceptional service and quality ICs to the hard disk drive industry.
  • VTC currently employs 600 people and has enjoyed a 56% annual growth rate since 1991.
  • VTC operates a six-inch bipolar and bi-cmos wafer fab in Bloomington, Minnesota.

(Bought by Philips effictive 19990602 for it's mobile telephony chips technology.)
VLSI Technology Inc.
1109 McKay Drive
San Jose, CA 95131
tel: +1-408-434-7877
fax: +1-408-434-7866
VLSI Technology, a subsidiary of Philips Semiconductors, designs and manufactures custom and semicustom integrated circuits for leading firms in the wireless communications, networking, consumer digital entertainment and computing markets. VLSI's value proposition is based on full-service customer support, deep libraries of vertical market-focused IC intellectual property, unparalleled custom circuit design expertise enabled through the Velocity Rapid Silicon Prototyping design style, and one of the world's most flexible and efficient custom circuit manufacturing facilities in San Antonio, Texas. The company is based in San Jose, California.

Effective June 2, 1999, VLSI was fully acquired by Philips Semiconductors.

See VLSI Vision

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