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(Partly (?) funded by It seems to have bought Scenix.)
Ubicom, Inc.
635 Clyde Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043-2213
tel: +1-650-210-1500
fax: +1-650-210-8715
Provides communications software and controllers for embedded applications, with an emphasis on Internet connectivity. Its powerful SX Series communications controller chips execute real-time Virtual PeripheralTM software modules that implement general-purpose, communications, networking and Internet connectivity functions. These modules are programmed into the high-speed on-chip flash memory of an SX Series chip to create the configuration required for the application. This "software system-on-a-chip" design strategy eliminates the silicon development time and cost associated with traditional design approaches, providing faster time to market, greater flexibility and reconfigurability.

United Microelectronics Corp.
No 3, Industrial east third road science based industrial park
Hsinchu City, Taiwan, Republic of China
Sales Office:
9 th Floor, no 201-26, Tunhua north road
Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
tel: +886-2-7152455
fax: +886-2-7166291 main old, jumps to the other site

Now part of Phoenix.

Unicorn Microelectronics Corp.
This is or was the U.S. subsidiary of UMC Taiwan.
See: (1994)

Chip set?

United Technologies
See Aeroflex UTMC.

(Related to Micro Networks? Merged with Benchmarq on 19980803)
Unitrode UK Limited
6 Cresswell Park
GB Bleackheath London SE3 9RD
tel: +44-1-318-1431
fax: +44-1-318-2549
Chip codes start with UC

University of Twente
University of Twente
P.O.Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
tel: +31-53-4892675
fax: +31-53-4891090 Micro Electronics, Materials- and Molecular Engineering, and Sensors and Actuators
They also seem to make chips

USA Integration
USA Integration
Chip set?

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(Founded 1987. Now part of Semtech) new site old site
Old information:
Designs and produces Human Input Device (HID) electronics and System Management products. HID products include pre-programmed IC's for keyboards, mice, touch screens, etc., as well as complete embedded mouse modules for OEM integration. System management products include ACPI-compliant embedded controllers with integrated keyboard and other HID functionality, including USARs ACPITrollerTM series. Geared chiefly to the portable and hand-held markets, USAR holds patents on several low-power implementation methods, providing ICs with the lowest power consumption available.

US Digital
US Digital Corporation
11100 NE 34th Circle
Vancouver, WA, 98682-8714
tel: +1-360-696-2468
tel: +1-800-736-0194 - Sales
fax: +1-360-696-2469 General Data sheets
HEDS-9x00-x00 Optical incremental encoder module
LS6511 PIR Motion Detector
LS7083 Quadrature encoder to counter interface chip
LS7084 Quadrature encoder to counter interface chip
LS7166 Quadrature encoder to microprocessor interface chip
LS7210 Programmable Digital Delay Timer
LS7211 Programmable Digital Delay Timers
LS7212 Programmable Digital Delay Timers
LS7213 Programmable Digital Delay Timer
LS7232 Touch Control Lamp Dimmer
LS7262 Brushless DC Motor Commutator/Controller
LS7266R1 Dual quadrature encoder with index to microprocessor interface chip
LS7560 Brushless DC Motor Controller
LS7631 Touch Control Halogen Lamp Dimmers
LS7632 Touch Control Halogen Lamp Dimmers
RDD104 Selectable 4 Decade CMOS Divider
RED3600 Complementary MOS (CMOS) Divider

Ultra Technology
2512 10th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
tel: +1-510-848-2149 site
local mailing list

Maker of the F21 and F32 Forth processors.

See Aeroflex UTMC.

See Aeroflex UTMC.

UTRON Technology, Inc.
Hsin-Chu, Taiwan
tel: +886-3-5777882
fax: +886-3-5777919
One of the world's leading PC caches SRAM suppliers, Utron provides a variety of key semiconductor components for products ranging from PCs to communications equipment or consumer and entertainment products. A true total system solution, Utron's products are highly integrated and fine-tuned for optimal system performance. Utron's broad spectrum of cost-effective IC solutions may be broken down into the following categories:

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Click on the first letter of the IC manufacturer you're looking for:
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