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Wafer (and die) foundries and distributors.

A foundry (or 'fab') is a company (or part of a company) that produces silicon for others or another part of the company. Since they don't have their own product ranges and don't sell and market their products via the usual channels I'll list them here separately from the normal chip maker overview.
The packaging of the chips is usually done in cheap labor countries and not at the foundry.

(Advanced BGA Packaging. This is a foundry.)
Advanced BGA packaging, Inc.
3201 East Harbour Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85034-7227
tel: +1-602-431-1200
fax: +1-602-431-0404
fax: +1-602-431-8253 - Alternate General Products News
Abpac Inc. is a US based IC* packaging foundry providing design, development and assembly of ICs into BGA package formats. Services include flip chip BGA, MCM BGA and chip scale BGA products.

(1968, Also called Anam?)
Amkor Technology, Inc.
1900 South Price Road
Chandler, AZ 85248
tel: +602-821-5000
tel: +610-431-9600
fax: +602-855-6350
fax: +610-431-5881 General About Company news Product info
Semiconductor IC* packaging, assembly and test in the Phillipines.
Customers are Delco, IBM, Intel, Lucent, Microchip, Motorola, Philips, SGS-Thomson, VLSI, Toshiba and others.

Bandwidth Semiconductor, LLC
40 Wiggins Ave
Bedford, MA 01730
tel: 781-275-6105
fax: 781-275-0527 General
we are a foundry for optoelectronic compound semiconductor devices (GaAs and InP)
Bandwidth sells foundry services, OEM devices (PIN diodes and VCSELs) and epitaxial services.

Caswell Technology
Marconi Caswell Limited
Northants, NN12 8EQ
United Kingdom
tel: +44-1327-350581
fax: +44-1327-356775
Caswell Technology is a GaAs foundry and design centre. MMICi's operating up to 40GHz are fabricated on MESFET, HEMT and HBT processes. These include broadband switches, amplifiers and highly integrated ASICS.

Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters:
Marketing Department
60 Woodlands Industrial Park D
Street 2
Singapore 738406
tel: +65-362-2838
fax: +65-362-2938
United States:
1450 McCandless Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035
tel: +1-408-941-1100
fax: +1-408-941-1101
Gutenbergstr. 8
D-85737 Ismaning
tel: +49-89-9607910
fax: +49-89-96079111
11 Innovation Road 1
Science-Based Industrial Park
Hsinchu, Taiwan
tel: +886-35-789-972
fax: +886-35-789-973
Foundry for advanced technology wafer manufacturing

Detection Technology, Inc.
FIN-91100 Ii
tel: +358-8-553-6600
fax: +358-8-553-6611
Provider of microelectronics dicing, packaging (encapsulation), assembly and testing services.
Manufacturer of high performance silicon photodiodes, radiation detectors and their related electronics.

Elume, Inc.
960 Enchanted Way
Simi Valley, CA 93065
tel: +1-805-5262300
tel: +1-805-9088941 cell phone
fax: +1-805-5261810
Elume's focus centers on producing a variety of products. Our core competence is applying our microfabrication and thin film technologies to nonstandard/complex processing requerements. Elume is one of the select few microchip foundries in the world that has the versatility to fabricate semiconductor and non semiconductor related devices. Substrate materials: Silicon, SOS, SOI, germanium, silicon carbide, glass, saphire, ceramics various and PZT. Also within our scope polyimides/kapton. Wafer sizes 20mm to 200mm and 300mm square. Geometries from 25 micron down to 0.8 micron. You supply data files and we do the rest.

HTE Labs
HTE Labs
2964 Scott Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95054-3322
tel: +1-408-986-8026
fax: +1-408-986-8027 General About
HTE Labs's WAFER FOUNDRY OPERATION develops custom technologies and builds prototypes of discrete and integrated circuits. Most standard processes are designed for small wafer volumes of BIPOLAR, CMOS*, and BICMOS technologies for linear applications.

Integrated Electronic Solutions Pty Ltd
1 Butler Drive
Hendon, South Australia 5014
tel: +61-8-8348-5200
tel: +61-8-8348-5233 -Sales & Customer service
fax: +61-8-8348-5230
fax: +61-8-8348-1048 -Genaral enquiries -Sales & marketing General
Integrated Electronic Solutions are well recognized specialists in the design, manufacture and delivery of microelctronic components and assemblies.
Its design expertise supports an extensive manufacturing capability which includes:
Logic Integration Foundry, Inc.
213 Hollydell Drive
Sewell, NJ 08080
tel: +1-609-256-8500

PB Technik
John Dunn <>
No WWW site yet at 19970722, but working on it.
Microsystems are mechanical devices produced on silicon using normal wafer fabrication techniques i.e. lithography, etch etc.
We manufacture silicon wafers of up to 6" for semiconductor and solar applications. - We also represent Korean and Taiwanese wafer manufacturers in Europe.
We do not supply chips, we supply wafers to chip manufacturers.

Sharp Foundry Services Foundry Services

Sierra Components
Sierra Components, Inc.
They sell only parts that are bare silicon chips (die).
The die have to be stored in a controlled atmosphere.
They keep them in dry boxes that are purged with a continuous flow of nitrogen.

SOTA-Tech, Inc.
Spring Valley, NY
Source for unencapsulated die.
We carry all brands, have a large inventory and specialise in hard to find and obsolete parts.

Unic Semiconductor PTE Ltd.
1004, Aljunied Ave 5
tel: +65-8423343
fax: +65-8423345

See VIS.

See VIS.

X-FAB Gesellschaft zur Fertigung von Wafern mbH
Haarbergstraße 61
D-99097 Erfurt
tel: +49-361-42053-0
tel: +49-361-42053-10 - Fab Manager
tel: +49-361-42053-40 - Manager Technology and Foundry Service
fax: +49-361-42053-11 - Manager Technology and Foundry Service
X-FAB is a SILICON WAFER FOUNDRY for mature technologies in high quality: We produce microchips on silicon wafers, basing on the designs of our customers. X-FAB is located in Erfurt, Germany.
Our technologies are C-MOS based, modular and cover a range of 1.0 µm upwards.
Our system of technology-modules and a lot of options allow an exceptional flexibility.
Key words are: High voltage, low voltage, mixed-mode, integrated sensors (for example Hall sensors, pressure sensors), EEPROM, ...

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