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(Bought by NS around 1986 except for the Clipper processor division that went to Intergraph. On 19970311 sold back for $550M to Fairchild managers and the Sterling LLC investment company that belongs to Citicorp Venture Capital Ltd. Fairchild bought Raytheon in 1998 and around 199812 it agreed to take over Samsung's complete discrete and power parts assortment. 200103: Fairchild bought Intersil's Power Division (Mosfets, IGBT, Rectifier). 20010906: Fairchild bought Impala Linear Corporation, see: )

Fairchild Semiconductor
Also know as FSC general buying Intersil's Power Division buying Impala Linear ex Impala products, jump page ex Impala products
Fast, FACT and LCX in logic, EPROMs and EEPROMs such as HiSeC and Plug & Play memory and SMT Power DMOS such as SuperSOT -3/-6/-8, PowerSOT and SO-8 in discrete.
Fairchild offers all logic families: LS, ALS, CD4K, Tiny Logic, VHC etc.


(Owned by Western Digital now)


Chip sets

Fast Analog Solutions - Since about late 2001 or early 2002 part of Zetex. old site new site the old FAS chips/technology

Feiya - (1996)

Feiya Technology Corporation
12F, No. 82, Sec. 1, Hsin Tai Wu Road
Hsichih, Taipei Hsien 221
Taiwan, R.O.C.
tel: +886-2-2696-0888
fax: +886-2-2696-0666 General Contact them CompactFlash PCMCIA-ATA Controller Chip
Professional technical company of designing memory controllers and their applications. With a strong R&D team, FEIYA always plan products ahead of the market with good performance. So FEIYA achieves the first CompactFlash!" controller that can support different types of flash memory and the second SmartMedia!" controller that can support high capacity SmartMedia!" cards in the world. Moreover, FEIYA provides products with high quality and reasonable price to the customers under strict manufacturing control processes.

(Bought by GPSI. 20030115: The discrete line seems to be part of Zetex now.)
Ferranti Semiconductors
Fields New Road
Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8NP
tel: +44-1161-6240515
tel: +44-1161-6246661

FillFactory NV
Schalienhoevedreef 20B
B-2900 Mechelen
tel: +32-15-446-333
tel: +32-15-446-350 - sales
fax: +32-15-446-344 General About News Technical data Distributors/Rep's
FillFactory is a fabless supplier of custom-designed and OEM CMOS image sensors (IBIS and FUGA ranges) in APS technology (camera chips), with solutions for megapixel resolutions and ultra high speed imaging (e.g. 512x512 pixels x 1000Hz or more).

Fincitec OY

Käpylänkuja 1
Fin-00610 Helsinki
tel: +358-90-799-863
fax: +358-90-757-2952

FT210 Sigma Delta Modulator, 4th-Order, Fast, for 100kHz-1MHz ADC


Flextronics - (This contains the former Orbit Semiconductor)

Flextronics Semiconductor
Business unit of Flextronics, provides ASIC products, including full System on Chip (SoC), Standard Cell, and Gate Array ASIC (digital, analog and mixed signal). With more than 2,000 successful designs since 1992, we are the leader in FPGA (field programmable gate array) conversions and ASIC retargeting services.
It has design centers worldwide working with customers to deliver system level solutions in silicon that increase functionality and reliability while reducing cost. Through our alliances and partnerships with world class companies we provide our customers access to state of the art design and manufacturing technology and superior customer service.

(Probably out-of-business or acquired, because their domain name is for sale.) domain name is for sale
used to be:
Microelectronics company specializing in analog, mixed-signal and digital integrated circuit design, analog and digital IP modules design and characterization and chip supply.

FOCUS Enhancements, Inc.
600 Research Drive
Wilmington, MA 01887
tel: +1-978-988-5888
fax: +1-978-988-7555 General
Manufacture superior video conversion technology including scan converters, scalers, and video encoders. ASIC products include the FS400 family of scan converter chips and the FS450 iNet-TV family of video encoders. Consumer products include the TView family of scan converters. Professional video products include the ProAV family of scan converters and the QuadScan family of upscalers for home theater.

Focus Semiconductor

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Forex Computer Corp.

Chip sets


(May not exist...)



Chip set

Future Technology Devices International, Ltd.
St. George's Studios
93/97 St. George's Road
Glasgow, G3 - 6JA
tel: +44-141-3532565
fax: +44-141-3532656 General Products
Main product line is USB peripheral and hub controller I.C.'s also custom I.C. design services.

FT8U100AX USB Hub Controller

Fuji Semiconductor

Fuji Semiconductor, part of Fuji Electric it seems. General Datasheets Fuji Electric, general Fuji Electric, general Japanese
Power Devices (and..)


[Usage of their logo is not allowed. See]

(See also Fuji, is previous entry)
Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc.
IC Division
3545 N First Street
San Jose, CA 95134
tel: +1-408-432-1300
tel: +1-800-642-7616
fax: +1-408-432-9044
fax: +1-408-954-0616 Chips Products USA, general USA, semiconductor and electronic devices Europe Datasheets in English in Japanese

Fusion Micromedia

See SiTera

Future Domain

(Bought by Adaptec?)

2801 McGaw Avenue
Irvine, CA 92714 USA
tel: +1-714-253-0400
fax: +1-714-253-0913
Royal Albert House
Sheet Street, Windsor
Berkshire, SL4 1BE UK
tel: +44-1753-831262
fax: +44-1753-620184
BIOS's for SCSI controllers.

Future Technology Devices International


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