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Manufacturers of sensors

Active Control eXperts

(Owned by Rockwell)

Alps Electric Inc.
3553 N first St
San Jose, CA 95134
tel: +1-408-432-6000 General About Product data, registration needed!

Analytical Industries
Analytical Industries Inc.
2855 Metropolitan Place
Pomona, CA
tel: +1-909-392-6900
fax: +1-909-392-3665
Oxygen Sensors for industrial and medical applications and ...

Crossbow Technology, Inc.
41 E. Daggett Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
tel: +1-408-965-3300
fax: +1-408-324-4840

Detection Technology, Inc.
See DT
Radiation detectors and their related electronics.

FillFactory NV
Schalienhoevedreef 20B
B-2800 Mechelen
tel: +32-15-446333
fax: +32-15-446344 General About Technical news Distributors/Rep's
Off-the-shelf and custom CMOS image sensors. APS solutions for ultra high speed, high resolution, radiation hardness, ... We make the sensor for your image!

Trubarjeva 7
SI-8310 Sentjernej
tel: +386-68-81397
fax: +386-68-81397
HIPOT HYBRID, Production of hybrid circuits and sensors, has 20 years experience in the production of custom thick film hybrids and 8 years experience in the production of sensors for medical applications.
Production program:
Honeywell Sensing and Control
(Used to be called MICRO SWITCH until about 2000).
Their industrial inductive and capacitive proximity sensor product line was sold to Pepperl+Fuchs around 2000/2001.
Honeywell Sensing and Control, Inc.
11 W. Spring Street
Freeport, IL 61032, USA
tel: +1-800-537-6945 - free in the USA
tel: +1-815-235-6847 - International
fax: +1-815-235-6545 new name old name

Integrated Sensing Systems
387 Airport Industrial Drive
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
tel: 734-547-9896
fax: 734-547-9964
Integrated Sensing Systems designs, develops and manufactures ultra high sensitivity MEMS* pressure and flow sensors as well as pressure and flow sensing systems.

MAAS Neotech
MAAS Neotech
16 ave Boileau
B1040 Brussels
tel: +32-2-7402106
fax: +32-2-7065179 - request proposals - join us General About
MAAS Neotech is an innovative ASIC and MEMS design operation that sells own components as well as design and characterization services. MAAS Neotech is routinely taking responsibility for clients'projects and commits to measurable targets taking specific priorities of the client into account to provide the most suitable solutions. Products include CMOS imagers, wind sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors... MAAS Neotech is also developing products based on a patent pending inexpensive micropumping technology which revolutionizes a number of biomedical and food-related applications. We believe in fully integrated microsystems including sensing microdevice and associated microelectronics.

Micropto S.r.l.
V. M. Melloni, 10
I-20129 Milano
tel: +39-2-7601-1848
fax: +39-2-7640-8519 General
Micropto designs, realises and commercialises optoelectronic devices, photransistors, photodiodes, pressure and chemical sensors in microelectronic and micromachining technology, emitters, LED dices (NIR & VIS), VCSEL, LASER, shaft encoder disk (glass, policarbonate, metal, ...) incremental and absolute, special packages (epoxy, ceramic, metal, ...), plastic optical guide waves, optical filters, customer lenses, ...

Now called Honeywell Sensing and Control.

Matsushita Electric Works Automation Controls Company
Actuators, connectors, relays, sensors, switches

Nanotron, Inc.
616 West 24th Street
Tempe, AZ 85282
fax:+1-480-966-9182 General About
Manufacturer of high quality low cost electrolytic tilt sensors, patent pending products.
Pricing from $7.00 each depending on tilt range, quantity and resolution.

Japanese company working in the industry automation field, but also a big manufacturer of relays and sensors.

Orenda Services
This company no longer exists. (20021115)

Otron System Co., Ltd.
10F 10067 Kukje Electronics Center
1445-3 Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu,
tel: 82-2-525-8720
fax: 82-2-3486-8795
Manufacturer and exportor of gas sensors, gas detectors (portable and fixed) and shut-off devices. Our catalytic combustion gas sensors, which are the core part of gas detectors, detect LNG, LPG, iso-butane, methane and etc.

Twinsburg, Ohio
tel: +1-330-425-3555
They bought the industrial inductive and capacitive proximity sensor product line from Honeywll Sensing and Control around 2000/2001.

2529 Foothill Blvd.
La Crescenta, CA 91214
tel: +1-818-248-4393
fax: +1-818-542-3559 - sales - business development - employment related inquiries
CMOS Active Pixel Sensors
Digital camera chips
Low power photodetectors
VLSI Design Services
Photobit is the world leader in high performance CMOS active pixel sensor (APS) electronic image capture technology.
CMOS APS-based cameras and APS imaging devices are developed by Photobit for a wide variety of applications using technology developed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and exclusively licensed by Photobit.
CMOS APS has many advantages over the 25-year old CCD technology including 100x lower power dissipation and 10x improvement in system miniaturization.
With a vertically integrated technology base, Photobit offers a wide spectrum of products and services for advanced electronic image capture including custom image sensor design.
Photobit was founded in early 1995 by Dr. Sabrina Kemeny, one of the original inventors of the CMOS APS technology.
The company was formed as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in November 1995.
Photobit has exclusive rights to the CMOS APS intellectual property developed at Jet Propulsion Laboratory through a license from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).
Leading the Active Pixel Revolution!

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Quantum Research Group Ltd.
651 Holiday Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15220
tel: +1 412-391-SENS (-7307)
fax: +1 412-391-7367
Quantum Research Group Ltd
1 Mitchell Point
Ensign Way, Hamble
Southampton SO31 4RF
tel: +44-23-8045-3934
fax: +44-23-8045-3939
Makes sensors and sensor IC's - capacitive proximity sensing IC's.

See Seiko.

(Established in 1985. Probably means: Sensors Norway)
Knudsrødveien 7
P.O.Box 196 N-3192
Tel: +47-33035000
Fax: +47-33035005
20 Californa St. 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
tel: +1-415-986-6059
fax: +1-415-986-6025
SensoNor is today one of the world's leading designers and volume producer of sensors and devices based on silicon micromechanical technology (MEMS).
It is unique in the fact that in addition to its own multi-disciplined MEMS design team the company has its own waferfab and high volume backend production and test facilities.
The company is renowned within the global car manufacturing industry having supplied in excess of 45 million crash sensors for air-bag deployment systems. The car manufacturing industry remains a key market for the company which is today supplying its third generation crash / rollover sensors and sensors for the important task of vehicle tire pressure and temperature monitoring.

Suni Imaging Microsystems, Inc.
185 East Dana St.
Mountain View, CA 94041
tel: +1-650-237-1060
fax: +1-650-968-6721
Suni Imaging Microsystems, Inc. has made intraoral dental XRAY chips sets for the dental field. The company pioneered this technology and has made the first film size sensor which is now used world wide in PC based systems. These sensors reduce the XRAY exposure to the patient by about 80-90%. They also remove the whole expense of costly chemical development and the environmental hazards caused by these chemicals as the sensor images appear on the screen of the dentists PC instantly!
Schick Technologies currently markets these products. We do not make the PC interface software etc.
We are also involved in designing Ultra high speed CD ROM and DVD chip sets and camera-on-a-chip devices aimed at the high volumn consumer markets such as piont and shoot digital cameras etc.
We use a proprietary mixed signal CMOS and CMOS/CCD technology.

6489-A Calle Real
Goleta, CA 93117
tel: +1-805-964-1699
fax: +1-805-964-2129
$300 CO2 monitors using IR (info: 1993)

(Since 20010612 for 60% owned by Continental AG, Hannover.)
(Temic Semiconductors is now partly of Atmel and partly of Vishay.) Current site Old site, now linked to Atmel wireless and microcontrollers Atmel, general New owner of other former part of Temic New owner of other former part of Temic
Oil sensors and other auto parts.

See Top-Vu

U.S. Sensor
1832 W. Collins Avenue
Orange, CA 92867
tel: +1-800-777-6467
fax: +1-714-639-1220 General Products
U.S. Sensor is a world class manufacturer of an extensive variety of the highest quality thermistors as well as thermistor probes and assemblies. The company's products include NTC and PTC thermistors which are produced using proprietary state of the art processing techniques. Customers world-wide use U.S. Sensor thermistors in their most demanding applications.

Companies applying sensors

PO Box 8007
Falls Church, VA 22041 - Dave Saum
Air Infiltration Measurement and Control Technologies

See also Microelectromechanical sensors Good!
local About level/tilt sensors Sensors magazine Face and finger print sensors and more Facial recognition by Visionics Sensors Magazine


Date:    19960918
From:    Tehmosp Khan
To:      Recipients of 6811 mailing list
Subject: Re: Accelerometers?

You're in luck! Motorola's XMMAS40G10x comes in a 16 pin dip package, is a micromachined accelerometer reading +/-40G linear, with .1G resolution if I remember right. Output is a voltage, the device requires +5V.

I have samples, but haven't worked with them yet.

Any idea on price or where mere mortals can buy them? Last I checked,
DigiKey wasn't a Motorola distributor.


Check out Analog Devices. ADXL50 is a 50g sensor and ADXL05 is a 5g sensor. Both these come with an evaluation kit.


Tehmosp Khan
Slope Indicator Company
3450 Monte Villa Parkway Bothell, WA 98021-8906 USA
Voice: (206) 806-2200 FAX: (206) 806-2250

CO2 detection with IR diodes

Date:    19960903
To:      PIC's mailing list at
From:    Ray Gardiner
Subject: Re: [PICS] IR Diodes for CO2 detection

Has anyone seen very long wavelength infra red diodes (2325 cm-1 or 3500cm-1) in their travels? I wish to use them to measure carbon dioxide in a room. I will be using either a PIC or a STAMP.

There was an article in New Scientist last year hailing the breakthrough in long wavelength IR diodes by some team at Cambridge UK. I wrote asking for more info but only got a reply from some guys wanting to sell me IR sensors for >$1000.

If they were 'real' they should be appearing in the next year or so. As a commercial product. Meantime I think tungsten filament is the cheapest IR source going at present. You can run low volts, and extend the lamp life.

Anyway if you find a supplier, I for one am **very** interested.

Ray Gardiner, 104 Macintosh Street, Shepparton, Victoria 3630, Australia

Date:    19960902
Subject: Re: [PICS] IR Diodes for CO2 detection

In a message dated 19960902 Peter Grey writes:

Has anyone seen very long wavelength infra red diodes (2325 cm-1 or 3500cm-1) in their travels? I wish to use them to measure carbon dioxide in a room. I will be using either a PIC or a STAMP.

I use some carbon dioxide sensors for building ventilation measurements. They have LCD readouts (0 - 2000 ppm) and voltage outputs. They are from a company called Telaire in Goleta CA and they cost about $300.
They use IR absorption, but as far as I can see without taking them apart the light source has visible output that is filtered to get the IR band of interest.

Dave Saum
Building Airtightness and Radon Mitigation

Date:    19960903
From:    Peter Grey <>
Subject: Re: [PICS] IR Diodes for CO2 detection

I have heard of this as well and suspect a commercial company has grabbed
this. Have tou worked with the tungsten filament for CO2 detection? If yes
what did you use for a detector? Have you ever considered the IR movement

If I see anything I shall post it here.

Peter Grey
Neosystems, Australia

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