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ABC of electronics terms

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Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Many data sheets
local List of EPROM*'s
local List of EEPROM's
local List of flash EEPROM's Preprogrammed EEPROM's: bit messy site in Dutch


Electronic Design Automation. Also called CAD*/CAM*.

local About PCB's
local EDA software makers and products Info from Cahners AutoCAD FAQ Electronic Cookbook archive Free EDA software: Germany Free EDA software: GPL Free EDA software: Simtel

Electronic Industries Association.

Enhanced IDE.

See IDE.

Extension of the ISA bus.

local About the EISA bus

See also ISA.

Electrical and electronics program Electrical and electronic programs

Electrical wiring FAQ in text, Part 1 FAQ in text, Part 2

Very small loaded and pistol packin' elementary part. From the Science Museum and others

Electronics Repair FAQ FAQ

Electron tube
Where Manufacturer Emodus (?)

Embedded means in electronics terms that a 'computer' is put inside of a product. The processor that is used it usually called a micro* controller unit (MCU) instead of a micro* processor unit (MPU). MCU's usually have a simple processor and a lot of on-board peripherals to save on part costs, PCB costs, design costs and debugging costs. The software is called embedded software. At Cahners' Embedded Ziatech Corp's embedded control board Discuss, answer and post questions related to embedded control, concerning hardware, software and firmware.

title order at Amazon USA price indication
Art of Programming Embedded Systems, the ISBN: 0122748808 $95
Embedded Microprocessor Systems: Real World Design ISBN: 075067234X $35
Embedded Software Primer, an ISBN: 020161569X $40
Embedded Systems Building Blocks: Complete and Ready-To-Use Modules in C ISBN: 0879306041 $56
Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++ ISBN: 1565923545 $24

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Embedded Control Boards
See TeleControl.

Electro Magnetic Compatibility EMC and Safety Regulatory Expertise Forum: Discuss EMC and safety issues related to electronics, computer, telecommunication products for compliance to wordwide EMC and safety requirements. such as FCC-15, CE mark etc.

Where Manufacturer Coilcraft LCR Electronics Timonta

Myself I consider "The Designer's Guild to Electromagnetic Compatibility" from the January 20, 1994 issue of EDN Magazine to be my 'bible' in this area.

EDN Sells this as a nice reprint

Bob Paddock

Electro Magnetic Interference

See EMC.

Emulator and Simulator FAQ by Adam Roach FAQ in text by Adam Roach
news:comp.emulators.misc news group FAQ in HTML, complete Philippe Techer Emulators in the Simtel archive For 6805 <> PDS51, 8051 emulator PDS51, 8051 emulator

See also the IDE section.

Where Manufacturer Bud Industries Calmark Hammond Mfg Schroff Vero Electronics Electronic Solutions Zero Corp

See also Case and Rack

The big and little endian problem refers to the two possible ways to store the bytes of bigger words in memory, namely with the low order byte first (little endian) or with the high order byte first (big endian). The problem is that the little endian way has the advantage that the bytes are numbered from low to high ordered byte but the big endian way is more like how we humans write numbers (with the high order digits first). That makes big endian hex dumps and disassembly listings more easily readable.

Engraving Engraving for the electronics industry

Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.

These devices used to be UV erasable, so they had to have a quartz window on their top and had to be housed in a ceramic package. That would normally make them very expensive, but because they were produced in very large numbers their prices were quite moderate. Currently it's cheaper to use Flash EEPROM.

local List of EPROM*'s
local List of flash EEPROM's
local List of EEPROM's

Expensive stuff to do things with... Second hand stuff like oscilloscopes from Tektronix

Most common form of local area network.

See Ethernet.

Expert Find a (German) expert (in any field)

The USA and a lot of it's partner contries have restrictions on what you can export to which contries. Helpful page by the USA government

Click on the first letter of the electronic term you're looking for:
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