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ABC of electronics terms

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Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter

local Choosing a UART
Serial port See also
RS-232 See also

Ultra (something) Direct Memory Access?


Ultrasonic means that the frequency is so high that people can't hear it. (Over 10 to 20 kHz). It was used a lot for remote controls in the seventies. Disadvantages: Dogs can still hear it. Shaking a bunch of keys could produce the same frequencies and change your TV's channel or even turn it off.

Currently infrared remote controls are used. A significant difference is that infrared beams must be directed towards the apparatus (or indirectly via a light colored wall whereas sound is much more multidirectional.


Modeling language for CPU cores. - UMPS demo
What about creating an UMPS modelin order your micro* will be included into UMPS libraries?UMPS is specially designed to handle CPU coreand simulate it as fast as possible,include also directly from the model Assembler/Disassembler.Main difficulties are to write Help file and Asm library.Tell me if you are interested in more.

Virtual Micro Design
Philippe Techer

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The 'new ASCII' that tries to incorporate all known symbols from all languages. It uses 16 bits per character, but there are also ways to code it so that a normal ASCII file (using only 0..127) is also a valid Unicode file. See O'Reilly's book: 'Java in A Nutshell' (ISBN: 1565924878) for $18, for example. - Search for 'unicode' About globalizing programs with Unicode etc.

Unijunction transistor

An amount in the physical world is generally expressed in a unit, electrical resistance for example in Ohm. A lot of these units are standardized by the ISO (International Standards Organization). Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (in English) Site for converting units Other site

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Where Manufacturer Tripplite Corp

local This entry got it's own page.

Click on the first letter of the electronic term you're looking for:
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