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ABC of electronics terms

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Where Manufacturer VERO Electronics (

See also Case and Enclosure

Radio, Amateur Circuit examples FAQ - Paul W. Schleck, K3FU HAM radio links HAM radio links (?) Information on HAM's Information on amateur radio Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide National Association for Amateur Radio

Radio controlled off-road racing

Radio, Packet

Random Access Memory

Where Manufacturer EDI Electronic Designs Inc

The future trend (in 1998) as a technology for PC memory after DRAM, FPDRAM* and SDRAM*.

See also:
DRAM (in the ChipDir ABC)

Real Time Clock
The real time clock (RTC) is the part in a computer that keeps on running even when the power is removed from the computer to keep track of the real time (as opposed to the time of the system during power-on).
See local

Real Time OS
See Operating System

Gently removing chips from old PCB's for reusage. More.

Register set
A set of registers used to program a peripheral.

Register set overviews of processors and peripherals

Device to regulate a voltage or current.

local Which low-drop 5V regulator to choose

Electrical device with which one current can interrupt another, traditionally consisting of a coil, a magnet and a switch.

local Relays Programmable Relays

Where Manufacturer Aromat CP Clare Crydom Grayhill Omron Ohmite Opto22 Omron
? Teledyne
Bought by? Zettler

Remote control

See also under InfraRed and IRDA...

Repair Busiest commercial electronic repair site they claim Electronix Corporation Italian version of the Repair FAQ by Repair FAQ FAQ Main page Main Repair table of contents Includes Sam's Laser FAQ Repair World (about $8 per month)

local More info in the Chipdir

Radio Frequency RF GlobalNet (By VerticalNet) RF Remote Control RF and microwave design by Jordan Strundjev

Request For Comments

Despite it's name, these are the official definitions of a lot of internet matters. RFC standards InterNIC (in new window) Mailing lists at NetSolutions Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Reduced Instruction Set Computing

local What is RISC?

Riser Card
A riser card is normally used in a low profile case. Instead of the cards being perpendicular to the board, a riser card is used to make them parallel to the board, saving on the height. The riser card (short) is inserted to the mainboard perpendicular and the the others are inserted into the riser parallel to the main board.

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Autonomically moving mechanical device. See the FAQ for the Czech origin of the word.

local From a mailing list. Rogue Robotics in Toronto, NEW Robot projects for enthusiasts Dallas Personal Robotics Group FAQ of news:comp.robotics.misc Walking Robot Katharina Explanation of the PID algorithm Machine Intelligence Laboratory Robot books Information related to hobby robotics Robot Menu Arrick Robotics news:comp.robotics.research Home Page Schematics etc. for Tech-Bot BEAM Robotics Robotics Internet Resources Page Robotic System Lab Industrial Robotics Forum: Robotic applications, integration tips, programming tips, parts sources, for water jet, welding, dispensing, material handling, assembly etc.

Also check out Lego Mindstorm's: Datasheet of the Hitachi H8/3292 MCU that it contains More info

Books about robotica

title order at Amazon USA price indication
Applied Robotics ISBN: 0790611848 $25
Artifical Intelligence and Mobile Robots ISBN: 0262611376 $42
Artificial Intelligence: Robotics and Machine Evolution (Megatech) ISBN: 0778700569 $8
Behavior-Based Robotics (Intelligent Robots and Autonomous Agents) ISBN: 0262011654 $60
Build Your Own Robot! ISBN: 1568811020 $34
Computational Principles of Mobile Robotics ISBN: 0521568765 $30
Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation ISBN: 1568810970 $32
Personal Robotics: Real Robots to Construct, Program, and Explore the World ISBN: 156881089X $25
Personal Robot Navigator, the ISBN: 188819300X $45
Practical Robotics: Principles and Applications ISBN: 096818300X $40
Ramblin' Robots: Building a Breed of Mechanical Beasts ISBN: 0531158292 $9
Robot Builder's Bonanza ISBN: 0071362967 $20
Robots, Androids and Animatrons: 12 Incredible Projects You Can Build ISBN: 0070328048 $16
Sensors for Mobile Robots: Theory and Application ISBN: 1568810482 $68

Lego Mindstorm books:
title order at Amazon USA price indication
Dave Baum's Definitive Guide to LEGO Mindstorms (Technology In Action) ISBN: 1893115097 $20
Extreme Mindstorms: an Advanced Guide to Lego Mindstorms ISBN: 1893115844 $30
Lego Mindstorms for Dummies ISBN: 0764507672 $20
Unofficial Guide to LEGO Mindstorms Robots, the ISBN: 1565926927 $20

Other lists with links: Dallas Personal Robotics Group, links

Read Only Memory

About the different kinds of ROM and how to program them.p
See also EEPROM, EPROM*, Flash, PROM*, ROM.

Standard for transmitting serial data over a line from point to point.

local More Interface to ethernet At 'Beyound Logic'
local See also

Data Transmission Circuits Data Book from Texas Instruments Contains a detailed RS485 exposure and practical drivers
Interface Circuits for TIA/EIA-485 Application note from TI Application note

See Real Time Clock.

RTOS (Real Time Operating System)
See Operating System

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