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ABC of electronics terms

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Where Manufacturer Polyonics Seton Labels W.H. Brady

Local Area Network General Software's embedded LAN Premises Network (by VerticalNet)

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Laptop PC
A PC that doesnt't have to stand on the floor or on the desktop, but can be held on your lap.

According to Intel in 200103: In a deep sleep mode their mobile processors currently use less than 0.1 watt. In average they use 0.5 watt on a total usage in a laptop system of 8 watt.

What uses the most watt?
LCD 32%
xVGA card 13%
harddisk and DVD 11%
chipset 12%
processor 7%

Liquid Crystal Display

These are really watery crystals that all start orienting in the same direction when you apply an electrical field through them so you can see through them and their grey value changes.

local Text about LCD
local Text about LCD from Digikey
local Handle an LCD via RS-232 (product description) At 'Beyound Logic' Display drivers and controllers at Oki Text FAQ Pic 2-Wire LCD Interface LCD Animated Graphics Using The Pic 2-Wire LCD Interface International Liquid Crystal Society FAQ from 1993 Photosensitive Materials for LCD Forum: Want to share information about photosensitive materials in LCD; like color filter photoresist, overcoat, resin black matrix and column spacer.

Where Manufacturer Densitron EDI Electronic Designs Inc Hantronix LCD Inc ME Displays Optrex Samsung Displays Seiko Instruments Stanley Sumcon Search here More good links

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Light Emiting Diode

Information: About the inventor of the blue LED

TS-LucoLED seems to have made a LED giving bright white light!
You can order them from Conrad (Order Nr. 149446) it seems.

local companies

Level sensors

See here.

Lighting of a theatre

Little Endian
See Endianess.

local How to calculate the logarithm function in embedded software. Theory

Logic Analyzer
Quite expensive (because very fast) multichannel state recorder. It's kind of for digital electronics what a memory oscilloscope is for the analog electronics world. HP, Textronics etc. make them. Jeremy Proffitt is building one himself.

Lonworks Echelon Echelon Lonworld 2000 conference LonWorks Metra GWD Consulting


Lightning can cause severe damage in electrical circuits connected to networks, like the mains, telephone lines or antenna's.


Click on the first letter of the electronic term you're looking for:
0..9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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