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Manufacturers of miscellaneous electronics related stuff

ACCESS.bus Industry Group
370 Altair Way, Suite 215
Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA
tel: +1-408-991-3517
fax: +1-408-991-3773

1220 Charleston Road M/S C7
Mountain View, CA 94039
tel: +1-650-694-5898
fax: +1-650-964-4049
Ultrasound computerized medical imaging systems

AEM, Inc.
11525 Sorrento Valley Road
San Diego, California 92121
tel: 1-858-481-0210
tel: (888) 3AEMINC (In the US only)
fax: 1-858-481-1123 General Mother company
A US manufacturer for high-rel solid-body fuses, ferrite beads, power beads and ferrite/ceramic inductors.

Aeroflex - Home page - Microelectronics
They make...
Advanced microelectronic multichip modules (MCMs) and MIL-STD-1553 DATA BUS for airborne, space, shipboard, ground based, and commercial avionics applications.
Aeroflex's standard MCM products include the following:
SRAM Modules
Flash Modules
R4400 RISC based Microprocessor Modules
486 & 87C196 Microprocessor Modules

Agenda Sales
Agenda Sales, Inc.
226 Airport Parkway Suite #470
San Jose, CA 95110
tel: +1-408-437-0777
fax: +1-408-437-0587
Agenda Sales is dedicated to providing companies in Silicon Valley total printed circuit board solutions starting with design to manufacture through assembly.
Agenda has formed strategic partnerships with leaders in the printed circuit board industries to offer the most advanced technologies and the highest quality of customer support.

Advanced Industrial Ceramic Concepts
tel: +1-419-294-0884
Edward John Bamberger
AICC has a process which is filed with the US patent office which can be applied to any of today's non-firous ceramics making them float, transparent to microwave, etc. Testing has been performed by NASA, Northrop-Grumman etc. Please contact me, Douglas A. Bloom (CEO) before this technology is mass-distributed this week to more than 200 world-wide ceramic users. We currently can provide you with samples of this technology by way of a joint-venture with Evans Clay Co. McIntyre, GA.
Please send a fax no. where this nine-page technical sales report may be sent as to further assist you and/or your customers as to how this product (non-fibrous structural ceramic-foam, "Ceramisphere" can be purchased for production purposes on large-scale. This sales report will be released this week with or without your cooperation. Thank you for your time spent.
Douglas A. Bloom (Owner/CEO)

Amitron, Inc.
85 Flagship Drive
North Andover, MA 01845
tel: +1-978-686-1882
fax: +1-978-686-0622
Chip Resistors
Thick film substrates

Analog Technologies, Inc.
41811 Ridge Road East
Novi, MI 48375
tel: +1-248-349-7250
fax: +1-248-349-8108 General
Analog Technologies designs and manufactures high precision diode laser drivers and photodetector amplifiers. A new Super SMT Enclosure which has 128 individually-lidded compartments and a series of Super Surface Mount Resistor Kits has been released recently.

Bel Fuse
Bel Fuse
Founded in the US in 1949.
Manufactures delay lines, DC/DC converters, magnetic components, custom thick film hybrids, and miniature and micro fuses.

Date: 10 Dec 1996
Subject: Prototype Printed Circuit Boards
I am going to start offering Prototype printed circuit board manufacturing to the public through the internet for 1 to 8 layer boards, through hole plating and all, at very reasonable prices. I iwll be starting sometime in the first part of 1997, hopefully January 1, but that is creeping up awefully fast. I prefer to get the Gerber files already laid out, but can, if given a schematic, components, and possibly net list. create the board from that. Let me know if there is anyone who wants this service that you know of. Email me at

(Owned by Computing Devices International)
Computing Devices Canada Limited
3785 Richmond Road, P.O. Box 8508
Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3M9
tel: +1-613-596-7000
fax: +1-613-820-0581 - for product and capability information
Canada's premier defence electronics company with extensive experience in:
Head office located in Ottawa is over 300,000 square feet.
A 140,000 square foot facility in Calgary houses the Communications Systems Division.
Our capabilities include:
Vehicle electronics, Tactical communications, Flat panel displays, Surveillance systems for land, sea and air, Command and control, Systems Integration, ILS, C3I, C4I.

Celduc Relais
Celduc Relais S.A.
Rue Ampere
BP 4 42290 Sorbiers
tel: +33-4-77539000
tel: +33-4-77539020 - Asian export
tel: +33-4-77539021 - CEE export
fax: +33-4-77538551
CELDUC RELAIS is the last European manufacturer for solid state relays and solid state contactors We are the leading company in France with our SSR but also with our production of reed relays, reed switches and magnetic sensors.

Central Science
Central Science Limited Partnership
5 Lumhauynue Road
T. Naimueng A. Mueng P. Roied
tel: 66 -01-6613934
tel: 66-043-524837
fax: 66-043-524837
instrument control, electronic analyzer, sale and service, computer & communicate.

Century Microelectronics
Century Microelectronics, Inc.
4800 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054
tel: +1-408-748-7788
fax: +1-408-748-8688
Manufacturer of memory modules. Founded in 1989. Approximately 100 employees world-wide in 1997.

Cermetek Microelectronics, Inc.
406 Tasman Drive
Sunnyvale CA 94089
tel: +1-408-752-5000x13 - Sales
tel: +1-800-882-6271 - Toll free
fax: +1-408-752-5000
Specializes in miniature modem and telephone line interface circuits (DAAs). All Cermetek modems are FCC approved and offer a reduced board footprint, thereby allowing engineering the flexiblity of direct placement of any Cermetek product on motherboards as state-of-the-art embedded components.

Conversion Devices
Conversion Devices
Manufacturer of DC/DC converters. Founded in 1986.

Cranage EMC
Cranage EMC Technology Limited
Shropshire TF9 4AG
United Kingdom
tel: +44-1630-658568
fax: +44-1630-658921 General
Established in 1992.
Manufactures emPASS solid-state contactors (low EMI) and shielded electromechanical contactors for EMC and MOVAC surge absorbers for AC supply line protection against surges.
Also, manufactures a range of RF test equipment for EMC (emissions and immunity), including:-
Datel, Inc.
11 Cabot Blvd.
Mansfield, MA 02048-1151
tel: +1-508-339-3000
tel: +1-800-233-2765
fax: +1-508-339-6356 General About Technical news Distributors Literature
Founded in 1970, today's DATEL is a multinational electronics manufacturing company that has achieved leadership status in all four of its major product lines: DC/DC converters, data acquisition and conversion components, digital panel voltmeters and computer analog I/O boards.

Degree Controls
Degree Controls, Inc.
Category: embedded control systems
We design and manufacture thermal controls for electronics enclosures.

Eagan Technical Services, Inc. - Dave Tritch
Reverse Engineering

Eshed Robotec Ltd.
Raoul Wallenberg 14
tel: +972-3-6498136
fax: +972-3-6498889
Program ASIC's, PAL's, ROM's...
Robotics for teaching

Empire Sheen International, Ltd.
9/F Highgrade Building, 117 Chatham Road, Tsimshatsiu, Kowloon
Hong Kong
tel: 852-2353-5318
fax: 852-2350-4238
Products: CPU and memory module and chips, SDRAM, DRAM
Brand: OEM, Major, NEC, Hyundai, Toshiba, Micron, Goldstar, etc.

Haptic Technologies Inc.
Haptic Technologies Inc.
3575 blvd St. Laurent, suit 422
Montreal, QC
tel: 514 987 9800
tel: 514 985 3226
fax: 514 987 9808
Software and peripheral development

Hipot-Hybrid d.o.o.
Trubarjeva 7
8310 Sentjernej
Slovenia, Europe
tel: +386-68-81220
fax: +386-68-81370 - Marko Pavlin
We produce low cost thick-film hybrids.
Starting quantities are from 1000 upwards.

HY Electronics Corp.
5314 Third St.
Irwindale, CA 91706, USA
tel: +1-818-856-1450
fax: +1-818-856-1448 - Eric Wu
HY Electronics Corp. is a LED manufacture that just started in the U.S. The factory is located in Taiwan and has 7-10 years experience in production.
HY Electronics Corp. is currently looking for distributors and representatives in all areas. All inquiries are welcome.
If anyone is interested in our product line, please feel free to e-mail me your mailing address. I will be glad to send you a copy of company catalog.

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Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
2215 Sanders Road
Northbrook, IL 60062-6135
tel: +1-847-509-9700
fax: +1-847-509-9798 - This is a guess, but they have a site!

Jupiter Automotive Equipments P. Ltd.
102 Kalpana Building, 5th J.V.P.D. Scheme, Vile Parle (W),
Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400 056
tel: +91-22-6141511
tel: +91-22-6716429
tel: +91-22-6148212
fax: +91-22-6711641
Manufacturer of wheel aligner, wheel balancer system and engine analyser.
Manufacturer of automotive diagnose equipment

JRConsult & Associates
Lillåkersv. 19,
181 59, Lidingö
tel: +46-8-612-6300
tel: +46-70-409-5763
fax: +46-8-612-7778
We introduce technical know-how regarding environmental sustainability i.e. H2O recycling, treatment of waste H20, air pollution control, pH value cintrol, hazardous chemicals and waste, monitoring equipment, engineering consultancy, project study, on site seminars and others.

tel: 82-2-3777-1846
tel: 82-2-3777-1840
fax: 82-2-3777-1894
fax: 82-2-3777-1895 General
We are LG Electro Components ltd., leading electro components in Korea in LG group.
We are producing Burn in Socket for Burn in Testing of Memory back-end process.

Laser Vision Technologies
3979 Co. Rd. 116
Hamel, MN 55340
tel: +1-763-478-6200
tel: +1-888-478-2912
fax: +1-763-478-6206
info@lvtechnologies General
LVT is a leader in used and refurbished optical and laser-based measurement systems for the electronics manufacturing industry. We will work with you to find the best system for your inspection needs, and do it within your budget. If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll find it for you.
LVT also provides contract inspection services to a wide variety of industries, ranging from medical to aerospace applications.

361 S. Camino Del Rio #119
Durango, CO 81301
tel: +1-970-2590555
fax: +1-970-2590777
We make inexpensive device programmers and a wide selection of similarly inexpensive adaptors including adaptors for programming surface mount devices. M2L Electronics was founded in 1993. We are small, but working on getting bigger by making (and selling) things that people want.

ME Displays
Micro Electronics Corp
3375 Scott Blvd Suite 222
Santa Clara, CA 95054
tel: +1-408-988-1101
fax: +1-408-988-7626 General About Technology news Data FTP
Micro Electronics Corps is a manufacturer/distributor of LCDs, Blue LEDs and transistors.
We provide a full line of 7 segment displays, chip on glass, TAB, character and graphic displays.

Microline Technologies
tel: +1-702-324-7953
Customized LCD displays from Taiwan.

Northern Telecom
2305 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
tel: +1-408-565-7643
fax: +1-408-565-8218

Vinogradov 71A street
tel: 8-328-608851
fax: 8-328-608843 General
Satellite communication

Pantene Industrial Co., Ltd.
6321 N Avondale Suite 206
Chicago, IL 60631
tel: 773-775-6319
fax: 773-775-6329
We design and build power supplies and battery chargers for the hand tool manufacturers.

Para Light
Para Light (USA) Corp.
545 West Allen Avenue #6
San Dimas, CA 91773
tel: +1-909-305-2393
fax: +1-909-305-2389
The company that I worked for just came out with following new products:
Very nice and bright items.

Polyonics, Inc.
867 Route 12 Unit 4
Westmoreland, NH 03467-4740
tel: +1-603-352-1415
fax: +1-603-352-1936
Manufactures specialty tape, tag and label materials for harsh industrial environments. The products withstand heat, chemicals, the elements and electrostatic charge.

Patents & Technology Surveys
PO BOX 1448
2001 Neuchatel
tel: +41-878-803130
fax: +41-32-7249662 General
PTS is a patent law fim in Switzerland.
Patent Prosecution in Switzerland and in Europe, mainly for semiconductors related technology and software.
Patent Litigation.
Mask Works Protection.
Prior Art searches.

(Earlier brands of them are Fil-Mag and Valor, it seems. Owned by Technitrol.)
Pulse Engineering
They make transformers and DC-DC converts etc.

Rhombus Industries Inc.
15801 Chemical Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1510
tel: +1-714-898-0960
fax: +1-714-896-0971
Rhombus Industries is a leading manufacturer of magnetic components including: Transformers, inductors, filters and delay lines.

Sarnoff Corp.
201 Washington Rd
Princeton, NJ 08543
tel: 1-609-734-2000
tel: 1-609-734-2402 - Business Development
tel: 1-609-734-2691 - Head Mixed Signal Systems
fax: 1-609-734-2992 - Business Development
fax: 1-609-734-3216 - Head Mixed Signal Systems General About Corporate news
Formally RCA Laboratories, Now Sarnoff Corp., We are internationally known for it's development of the all-electronic, compatible color television system now used in the USA, Canada, Japan and Latin America.
In recent years, it has helped to establish the standards for stero television transmission. Currently Sarnoff is in the forefront of the effort to develop High Definition Digital Televison standards for the United States.
AnalogMixed Signal Design Group Designing End to End Systems, Architecture, Analog/Digital IC's, Board level Implementations, TV Receivers, VCR's, Set Top Boxes, DVDs, Integrated TV/VCRs.
With a 50 year record of significant scientific contributions, Sarnoff regards its research challenges and aspirations as exciting opportunites for its stafff and its clients.

724 Aldo Ave.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
tel: +1-408-486-9890
fax: +1-408-486-9863
SPI/Semicon manufactures protective ESD packaging for semiconductor wafers and devices. Products include containers, cushions, separators, tubes, plugs, pins, trays, strip packs, custom profile extrusions, PGA/DIPS/QFP and static shielding bags to protect wafers and devices from damage during handing, testing and shipping. SPI/Semicon designs and produces products to our specifications and then warehouse the products for prompt customer delivery. We utilize many methods of manufacture, such as extrusion, vacuum forming, injection molding and die cutting.
Products include containers, cushions, separators, tubes, plugs, pins, trays, strip packs, custom profile extrusions, PGA/DIPS/QFP and static shielding bags to protect wafers and devices from damage during handing, testing and shipping.

Sumcon Co., Ltd.
Sumcon Co., Ltd.
6-5 Chubu Kohgyo Danchi
Iwaki-city, Fukushima 972-8338
tel: +81(246)44-1400
fax: +81(246)44-1403 General About Technical news
Designs, manufactures and sells LCD modules. LCD and semiconductor equipments are also available.

Telenet Systems
Telenet Systems
5-64/2, Road-8, Habsiguda
Hyderabad 500007
tel: 0091-40-717-4842
fax: 0091-40-717-4842
We are manufacturers of fiberoptic components, modules and trainers used in educational institutions and R&D Labs. We also make customised industrial fiberoptics and laser based products.

Telulex Inc.
2455 Old Middlefield Way S
Mountain View, CA
tel: +1-415-938-0240
fax: +1-415-938-0241 - for everything
Telulex Inc. brings to the market a major advantage in performance vs. price in electronic test equipment by using the very latest in VLSI to increase functionality and reduce cost.
We manufacture electronic test equipment.
Waveform generators for example.

Timonta AG
Via San Martino 20
CH-6850 Mendrisio
tel: +41-91-646-0131
fax: +41-91-646-2659 ^ General ^ About ^ News ^ Product data ^ Distributors
Timonta is specialised in the field of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility). The Web site includes information about the European EMC-Standard and the requirements regarding the CE mark on electrical and electronic equipment. Timonta manufactures EMC/RFI Filters, Chokes, Switching Power Supplies and provides EMC-Services.

VERO Electronics GmbH
Carsten-Dressler-Str. 10
28279 Bremen
tel: +49-421-8490-0
19" Racks

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