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Magazines in other languages than English:

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Electronics magazines in the English language

Asian Sources

Glossy free (?) magazine to promote Asian electronic products.


Computer oriented

C/C++ Users Journal, the

R&D Publications Inc. - P.J. Plauger, Editor

Circuit Cellar Ink

Circuit Cellar Inc.
Vernon, Connecticut, 860-875-2751 - Ken Davidson, Editor General FTP

Mostly microcontroller/embedded related. Very good. Includes many times tutorial articles (DSP, Image processing, driving LCDs, driving stepper motors etc.). It started as a very succesful column in Byte magazine.

Compliance Engineering

tel: +1-508-681-6660 - Subscription info

They publish a 'Reference Guide'.

Computer Applications Journal, the

Circuit Cellar Ink
PO Box 7694
Riverton, NJ 08077-8784
tel: +1-609-786-0409

Computer Design

One Technology Park Drive
PO Box 990
Westford, MA 01886
tel: +1-508-692-0700

Computing Japan

Japan's only English language computer magazine with about 3 years of back numbers on the web for anyone to read (i.e., it's free!).

Computer Journal, the

PO Box 535
Lincoln, CA 95648-0535
tel: +1-916-645-1670

Computer Product News



Computer Product News
PanEuropean Publishing Company


Dr. Dobb's Journal
Miller Freeman Inc.
411 Borel Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94402
tel: +1-415-358-9500 FTP via WWW FTP

The Programming Magazine


Electronics Business News


Electronic Design


(Original meaning: Electrical Design News)

Cahners WWW FTP EDN Asia EDN China


Electronic Distribution Today


Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)
500-B Bi-County Boulevard
Farmingdale, NY 11735
tel: +1-516-293-3000

Electrical Design News


Electronic Business

Cahners EB USA EB Asia Cahners Electronics Group

Electronic Buyers' News

Electronic Components News


Electronic Design

See ED

Electronic Distribution Today


Electronic Engineering Times


Electronic News

Cahners - Cahners Electronics Group

Electronic Packaging and Production

Cahners - Cahners Electronics Group

Electronic Product News


Electronic Products

Hearst Business Publishing
645 Stewart Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530
USA magazine publisher

Electronic Systems Technology and Design Magazine

Charles H. Small
Senior technical editor
2565 Alvin Ave, #239
San Jose, CA 95121
tel: +1-408-270-2539
fax: +1-408-270-5637

Electronics and Wireless World

Quadrant Subscriptions Services
Oakfield House
Perrymount Road
Haywards Heath, Sussex RH16 3DH
tel: +44-1444-445566
fax: +44-1444-445447
Jackie Lowe <>

Electronics Australia Magazine

Jamieson (Jim) Rowe, Managing Editor
Electronics Australia Magazine
POBox 199
Alexandria NSW 2205

Electronics Business News


Electronics For You


Electronics Manufacturing International


Electronics Now

(Was earlier called 'Radio Electronics', it seems.)

Reader Service Dept
PO Box 5192
Pittsfield MA 01203-9989
tel: +1-800-999-7139 - ???

Electronics Weekly


Electronic Times

Miller Freeman
UK (?)

[Logo removed at the request of Elektor]

Elektor Electronics

Elektor Electronics Publishing
PO Box 1414
Dorchester DT2 8YH
tel: +44-1305-250995
fax: +44-1305-250996

Elektor - published in the UK and covers ALL aspects of electronics. It seems targeted to hobbyists so usualy they do not publish construction articles which require "leading edge"" or hard to find chips. Has a good balance between analog and digital. It's only drawback as I see it - no access to article related material (source code, PCB images etc) through the net/BBS because it seems they base part of their business on selling these.

Embedded Controller Magazine

Embedded System Engineering [?]

Embedded System Engineering,
Freepost CN284
Mitcham, Surrey CR4 3YZ

This is quite an interesting read.

Steve Pettitt


Electronics Manufacturing International
PanEuropean Publishing Company - Not yet...(?)


See Electronic Products.


Electronic Product News
PanEuropean Publishing Company - Not yet...(?)

Europe's leading Electronics Magazine

edited in Europe
published in Europe
mailed in Europe
fully qualified 100% European readership

Reviews product information from all major industrialized countries in the world
Presents news in the easily digestible, time tested format of the product news tabloid
Allows busy readership of electronics professionals to access new product potential quickly

Reports on new electronics components, T&M, power supplies, design tools and related fields which are available in Europe

Twice yearly it also publishes the 'ELR' (Electronic Literature Review)


Embedded Systems Programming
Miller Freeman Inc.
525 Market St., Suite 500
San Francisco, CA 94105
tel: +1-415-278-5300
fax: +1-415-278-5340

Subscription Information
tel: +1-888-847-6177 - USA
tel: +1-847-647-8602 - International
fax: +1-847-647-5972 - Subscriptions - Lindsey Vereen, Editor

Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine

Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine
Wimborne, Dorset BH21 1PF
UK - Alan Winstanley, Editor

TENS Unit User's GuideThe Basic Soldering Guide

Newsletter about the chips industry.

Intel Technical Journal

After a decade as an internal R&D journal, we're publishing the Intel Technical Journal on the internet. This electronic, quarterly journal provides a forum for Intel's researchers and engineers to present their work directly to you. This first issue focuses on the research and technology developments underlying Intel's MMX(TM) technology.

Kluwer email alerting system

Kluwer's email alerting system will keep you on the cutting edge of research with announcements about:

Visit the site to sign up for email services in Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science or another field that is of interest to you.

Microcomputer Journal

(Formerly Computer Craft and Modern Electronics)
(Recently purchased by Midnight Engineering.)

76 North Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801, USA
tel: +1-516-681-2922
Rocky Ford, Colorado
tel: +1-719-254-4558

Apparantly not available on many newstands.Covers topics relating to personal computer hardware and also quite a bit on microcontrollers.The 1996 March issue mentioned THIS ChipDir. (In an article by Jan Axelson.)

Micro Control Journal

27 Penrith Crest.
London, ON, Canada N6G 4M8
tel: +1-519-434-6904
fax: +1-519-434-6978

Free publication.It offers design and application of microcontrollers for industrial measurement and control.

It currently has articles on:E2ProgrammerBasic Stamp + 12 Bit A/D (With Basic source code!)Interfacing to the HC11 (Keyboard and LCD, with assembler source code!) - Tutorial Series Controls-Part Iand more...

MicroDesign Resources

Microprocessor Report

Michael Slater

Microwave Engineering Europe

Published by Miller Freeman?


This magazine is published in Serbian, Romanian and English.

local more information The English version of the magazine's site

Midnight Engineering

Midnight Engineering
Rocky Ford, Colorado
tel: +1-719-254-4558

New Electronics Magazine


Nuts and Volts

Nuts and Volts
Corona, California
tel: +1-800-783-4624
tel: +1-909-371-8497
fax: +1-909-371-3052

OpenSystems Publishing

OpenSystems Publishing
tel: +1-810-415-6500
tel: +1-810-415-4882
Publishers of:

Personal Engineering and Instrumentation News

PC-based electrical engineering under Win95/NT

Popular Electronics

Popular Electronics
World Wide Subscription Service Ltd
Unit 4, Gibbs Reed Farm, Pashley Road
Ticehurst TN5 7HE, England
Farmingdale, New York
tel: +1-519-293-3000

Radio Electronics

See Electronics Now

Robotics Digest

(Combination of "The Robotics Practitioner" and the "Robot Explorer"?)

Bill Gates of Whirlwind Publications
tel: +1-719-254-4558
fax: +1-719-254-4517

Full color, 80 pages long, many informative and enjoyable articles on practical robotic applications (mostly on walkers) and many great advertisements for robotic stuff.

Semiconductor Business News

Semiconductor Fabtech

Dave Richardson <> - subscription Magazine Publisher

Semiconductor Magazine - Published by SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) Publisher Subscribe Online version of the magazine Online version of the magazine
When you qualify you can get a free paper subscription. There are 12 issues per year.

Semiconductor International

Cahners - Cahners Electronics Group

Semiconductor Times

Cliff Hirsch, Publisher <>

Semiconductor Times, a monthly newsletter, is the definitive source for the hottest semiconductor related startups: fabless chip companies, chipless chip companies, EDA, micro* displays, MEMS*. Tomorrow's hottest technologies brought to you today.

The web site features:

Sensors Magazine

Silicon Chip

An Australian magazine


Date: 19970810
Subject: TechOnLine Review Covers the Latest in Modem Technology

Important news from Techonline

We would like to inform you that the August issue of TechOnLine Review, the only Internet Newsletter written specifically for Electrical Engineers has just been released today, and you can find it on

  1. The newest edition of the Techonline Review provides in depth coverage of today's analog modem market. Three exclusive interviews with key modem leaders plus the opinions of another dozen modem experts will help you see through the modem fog. Find out why there's been so much confusion about 56K modems, what the vendors are claiming, and where this is all heading.
  2. Our website continues to evolve and improve. This month's website includes information on over 50 new product announcements, take a look at the "What's New" and "News" sections of TechOnLine for the details.

The website now includes detailed information from new member companies:

You can also view the newly updated details on TechOnLine from:

For details on any of these happenings, or for any other information about
DSP products, DSP companies, DSP events, OR* DSP news, go to the "Place to go
for Electrical Engineers" --

Test and Measurement World

Cahners - Cahners Electronics Group - Competing site by VerticalNet

Wireless Design and Development

(A member of the Reed Elsevier group.)

Wireless Design and Development
Gordon Publications
301 Gibraltar Drive, Box 650
Morris Plains, NJ 07950-0650
tel: +1-201-292-5100
fax: +1-201-898-9281

It is free for 'qualified individuals'. It has little editorial and lots of advertisements stuff.

Wireless World

See Electronics and Wireless World

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