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ABCsemiconductors English version French version (much bigger than the English version)
Data base of integrated circuits and discrete components, contains more than 110,000 parts, listed by categories, free registration is required.

Burosch Electronic
D-70567 Stuttgart
fax: +49-711-1618981 International site German site
They provide a free IC-Database program for downloading. It was specially designed for the audio and video service technician, with info, technical data and comparison types of 83.000 semiconductors (transistors, diodes, FET.......)

See Semiconductor International.

See IHS.
CapsXpert was bought by Partminer around 200006.

(Merged with Questlink to form eChips.)

The Chipdir is the greatest, but you're already visiting it!
Don't forget to bookmark it!

Vitaly Guturov <> In Russian In English (probably bought the contents from Chipinfo)

CIEE College
fax: +1-250-862-8409

Earn Your College Degree at Home!

CIEE College(USA) offers quality accredited home study programs in:

Send for your free descriptive literature today!

12 Sutton Row
London W1V 5FH
tel: +44-171-208-4200
fax: +44-171-439-1105 Search for semiconductor for example
Online IT publisher.
Online suppliers of strategic and tactical IT information for the IT, financial and business sectors.

Custom Software Creators
P.O. Box 1092
St. Bethlehem, TN 37155
tel: +1-931-647-6120
fax: +1-931-551-4128
Download FREE demo of semiconductor cross reference library and electronic repair tips. The real packages cost money.

27 Broadlawn Dr.
Central Islip, NY 11722-0847
tel: +1-631-851-0668
fax: +1-631-234-4846
Databases on CD-ROM and other media about manufacturers, distributors, brokers etc.

D.A.T.A. Products
(Bought by IHS years ago, see and around 1999 by Partminer/Freetradezone.)
These books try to list all IC's and some data about them. You can often find them in technical libraries etc.

Datasheet Locator
This service is provided by NetComponents.
Datasheet Locator
100 E Linton Blvd. - #304B
Delray Beach, FL 33483
tel: +1-561-2746780
fax: +1-561-2746796 General
Datasheet Locator is a free electronic engineering tool enabling user to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide.

Netherlands General
Doknet service manuals and service parts for all brands for consumer electronics. For television, audio, video, monitoren, camera's and more electronica produkts.

See ECG.

(Combination of ChipCenter and Questlink. Owned by Arrow, Avnet, CMP Media, i2 Technologies and Pioneer-Standard. See also the next entry.) General About the merger Questlink

eChips Online
(Not related to the previous entry according to my contact at eChips, but he wasn't completely sure.)

EDTN Network of publications General Receive a free twice-weekly email newsletter EE Times Electronic Buyers' News Semiconductor Business News

Electronic Engineers Master
Hearst Electronics Group (Electronic Engineering Database)
The engineer's Number 1 Product Search Resource can now lead you to 821 manufacturers of Power Supplies.
Whether you are looking for DC-to-DC Converters or Open Frame Switchers, you can find them in the EEM printed version or visit online

EENet General (?) Semiconductors (?) Overview of semiconductor manufacturers

EG3 Communications
12 South First St., Ste 702
San Jose, CA 95113
tel: +1-408-938-9150
fax: +1-408-938-9155
DATE: 19970915
FROM: Jason McDonald, Project Coordinator <>
TO:   All registered email users of EG3.
RE:   EE Toolbox Updated - Virtual Conference Online

The Electronic Engineers' Toolbox Version 13.0 is now available
for free download and unrestricted access

Version 13.0 contains a fully updated resource with the best
online and free resources for embedded, realtime, DSP, Internet-
enabling and other electronics-related areas.

Online now is also the 3rd EE Virtual Conference.  The VTC
includes technical white papers, FAQ's, and other informational
resources in the electronics-related target areas of EG3.

Don't miss our Smart Semiconductor Search engine, searching
ALL major semiconductor vendors in the Embedded Systems market,
such as AMD, Intel, Philips, Motorola, and more.  We've also
added a vendor search for related hardware and software tools

Focused on free Internet resources for electronic design engineers
and OEM's, the EE Toolbox can be accessed at:


To UNSUBSCRIBE from this announcement list, please email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the SUBJECT line.

(Owned by Cahners, which is in turn owned by Reed-Elsevier.)
e-inSITE is now your complete online resource for:
e-inSITE is a network site for Cahners Electronics Group, which covers the global EOEM marketplace with 3 research organizations and 22 market-leading publications including EDN, ECN, Electronic News, and Electronic Business.
Search detailed information for over 30,000 manufacturers, distributors and manufacturer's reps of electronic products and services. Most vendors also provide extensive product data and links to their websites and email addresses.

 Search Tips
 Search Tips

Electrical and Electronic Bulletin System
Virtual community for professionals and vendors in the electrical and electronic industry.

Elisnet Japanese version, this service is meant for Japan only

Electronic Devices Information Service Co.,Ltd. was established in support of the information-oriented electronics industry to provide information services to customers by directly acquiring necessary technical information related to semiconductor devices from domestic and foreign electronic device manufacturers.

We also intend to help domestic and foreign device manufacturers effectively expand the markets for their products, assist clients in their businesses, and cost-effectively procure devices. We feel we can also help foreign companies gain access to the Japanese market by supplying them with the necessary infomation.

ELISNET is an on-line information database service of electronic devices.

Fuji Electric

Embedded Logic Systems
(Also called ELS)
Embedded Logic Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 44304
Tucson, AZ 85733-4304
ELS offers products for Linux and small embedded systems. We specialize in 8 and 16-bit technologies with expertise in a variety of microcontrollers and tools. We are also quite adept with Linux, and we're proud to support the open source movement.
Our software products include collections of free and open-source tools for embedded systems development. We also produce and distribute the Linux Documentation Project on CD-ROM, with a quarterly subscription service available.
ELS is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Embedded Systems Toolkit. The EST CD is a comprehensive collection of compilers, assemblers, editors, debuggers and lots more for a wide variety of 8 and 16-bit processors. (The CD will probably include this 'Chipdir'.)

Published by: ICG Publishing
Information site about the semiconductor industry on fab level.
Semiconductor Fabtech is a leading journal for new technological developments in the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor Fabtech Online is a leading resource on the Web mixing journal coverage, with compelling Web-specific content and powerful marketing programs for advertising partners and editorial contributors.

tel: +1-518-880-0200 is the online market leader in connecting engineers and technical buyers with suppliers in the design engineering community. Over 100,000 monthly visitors are aware of the benefits provided by our site; including SpecSearchsm, our advanced parametric search engine that can immediately connect to more than 26 million product specifications, from more than 17,000 suppliers, in more than 1,200 product areas. Our visitors enter the exact specs they need for components, products, or entire systems and immediately receive access to information about the suppliers who make the items they need. We also offer technical articles authored by some of the world's leading suppliers and engineering organizations.

IC Insights
IC Insights, Inc.
13901 North 73rd Street, Suite 205
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
tel: +1-602-348-1133
fax: +1-602-348-9745
IC Insights, Inc. is dedicated to delivering the industry's highest quality
semiconductor market research reports, forecasts and industry training.
Bill McClean, President of IC Insights and respected authority on the integrated circuit market and his staff, bring over 75 years of semiconductor market research experience and expertise to the forefront with "The McClean Report," published every January.

Owned by Hearst Business Communications - Since about 1998q4 online searching for free after registration.
The IC-Master consists of books or CD-ROM's full of IC data. They contain much more information than this Chipdir but they are quite expensive. Outdated versions are cheaper (try Farnell for example).

They have a range of CD-ROM's called CapsXpert with very extensive IC-data. Very expensive but much more data than this Chipdir has.
CapsXpert was sold to Partminer around 200006.

Industry Net
(Owned by IHS)
Industry Net Tech Savvy old
Industry news, events and sources of supply. In addition to this free content, recently introduced Premium Membership, your gateway to engineering databases in the exclusive Data Depot and even more technical resources in the Reference Shelf. Sign up now and enjoy all the benefits of Premium Membership for the low, introductory price of $19.95 per year.
Make design and specification decisions using complete technical product descriptions with's exclusive industrial catalogs at As a Premium Member, for only $37.95 per month, you can access catalogs from over 15,000 manufacturers and distributors of industrial products and services. The Industrial Catalogs have been subject indexed and cross-referenced enabling you to quickly search and FIND the company or product you are interested in.
Watch for future additions to's Data Depot including online ordering of more than 200,000 technical standards, specifications, and reference documents; downloadable industry standards; and key supplier information on more than 12 million parts.
Reference Shelf
Fingertip access to many reference tools and resources that engineers use on a daily basis.
Drawing Requirements Manual
Engineering equations and formulas
NASA technology
Federal and state safety and compliance regulations
Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Roadmap (IMTR).

Info Quick
InfoQuick, Inc.
2 Executive Circle
Suite 150
Irvine, CA 92614
tel: +1-714-221-0535
fax: +1-714-221-0540
tel: +1-888-222-0535 - from within USA
This site has started charging: $49.95/month or $500/year (starting 1998).
You also need to download and install a special browser (WebStir) for W95/NT only.
They offer parts from Marshall (and later prehaps others) directly via credit card.

Order scarce chips via the Chipdir

Interloc Systems Group, Inc.
1174 Bayview Vista
Annapolis, MD 21401
tel: +1-410-349-3945
fax: +1-301-858-7342
Interloc Systems Group, Inc. is a distributor of technical, scientific, medical and regulatory information on CD-ROMs and On line.
Authorized distributor for IHS Engineering, D.A.T.A. and Global in the territory of the former USSR.

P.O. Box 728
St.-Petersburg, 197022
tel: +7-812-234-3287
fax: +7-812-234-3287 General Site overview in English
A large part of the site is in Russian

Metronic is a free monthly newsletter for electronic industry professionals.
Mectronic is also available in-print and on-line.

NTE, Inc.
Help with finding replacement chips. They seem to have their own line. Search engine results seem a bit unintelligent.


(Merged with ChipCenter to form eChips.)
100 Congress Avenue, Suite 400
tel: +1-512-322-3220
fax: +1-512-322-3132
Austin, Texas 78701
You can also order from Arrow and Avnet through them. They have gradualy changed from an information site into a distributor.

Has given up due to lack of advertisers.

SEMISEEK was formed during 1999 by a group of Internet and Semiconductor professionals determined to develop a new type of search engine that could serve the Semiconductor Industry. Designed for ease of use and focused on the Semiconductor Industry, Semiseek's objective is to cut through the clutter of the Internet and allow Semiconductor Professionals to find the services and products they want quickly and efficiently.
SEMISEEK has over 500 Semiconductor Industry Categories with over 2500 links to Semiconductor Companies Websites. Our category structure is designed with terminology familiar to Semiconductor Industry Professionals. Semiseek only list the exact URL of a company's website, eliminating the clutter of thousands of unrelated documents appearing in the search results. With over 40 years of Semiconductor Industry experience our staff can increase the probability that your website will be discovered, connecting your Technologies, Products, and Services to the end users who are looking for them.
SEMISEEK is a Search Engine, not a website. As a Search Engine, Semiseek influences other major search engines such as Yahoo, Goto, Infoseek, Lycos, AltaVista, and many more. These search engines index information from Semiseek's directory, leading Semiconductor Industry searches into Semiseek. Approximately 35% of Semiseek's traffic comes from keyword searches on the Internet's major search engines. In addition Semiseek's aggressive promotional strategy allows Semiseek to appear high in the search results of all these major search engines through the most frequently used keywords of the Semiconductor Industry. A recent list of frequently searched Keywords and Phrases is included in Semiseek's media kit.
SEMISEEK continues to add new features. As we move into the year 2000, we have added a feature rich Internet based e-mail service to qualified Semiconductor Professionals at no charge to our visitors. We have an Employment section that allows our visitors easy access to the employment pages of our website directory. Several new sites are currently being designed for launch early in the year 2000, as we continue to expand our services.

Semiconductor International
(A magazine published by Cahners?)
Semiconductor International
tel: +1-888-262-0850
The semiconductor industry's Internet Search Engine
Semiconductor.Net is a service of SEMICONDUCTOR INTERNATIONAL and FABLINK CORPORATION, now serving more than 300,000 page views each month to engineers, managers, and procurement agents of the semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor Online
VerticalNet (, the Internet's leading creator and operator of "Vertical" trade communities, has launched
Your business connection to the Semiconductor Industry.
The site features a supplier's marketplace, new product releases, industry news and technical articles, application-specific articles, leading-edge manufacturers, employment opportunities, discussion forums, as well as market data and trends.
A free listing in our supplier directory is available to industry organizations by filling out a form found on the site.
If you are interested in knowing more about the benefits of joining our marketplace, please contact me.
Charles Kessler

SemiDex, Inc.
100 Sund Avenue
Los Gatos, CA 95032
tel: +1-408-354-4948
fax: +1-408-354-4818 general info sales for technical questions for web related issues
SemiDex, Inc. offers a database of Integrated Circuits which has a parametric search engine.
The parameters are grouped by General, Performance, Features, Power and Packaging. Additional Search capability includes Manufacturer, Keyword, Alias and Function.
The database currently contains over 60,000 memory IC's and boards and growing.

3080 Olcott St. 200c
Santa Clara Ca 95054
tel: 408 330 7575
tel: 408 330 7651
fax: General
Providing solutions to IC vendors and System houses via the tools and services to help them expertly search for IC components and to offer then a host of services targeted to their needs.
We provide a parametric IC search tool and data collection services.

See Technical Data Consultants.

Technical Data Consultants
France General
They publish CD-ROM's with IC datasheets. Their program also allows parametrical searches for chips.


Date:    19970810
Subject: TechOnLine Review Covers the Latest in Modem Technology

Important news from Techonline

We would like to inform you that the August issue of TechOnLine Review, the only Internet Newsletter written specifically for Electrical Engineers has just been released today, and you can find it on

  1. The newest edition of the Techonline Review provides in depth coverage of today's analog modem market. Three exclusive interviews with key modem leaders plus the opinions of another dozen modem experts will help you see through the modem fog. Find out why there's been so much confusion about 56K modems, what the vendors are claiming, and where this is all heading.
  2. Our website continues to evolve and improve. This month's website includes information on over 50 new product announcements, take a look at the "What's New" and "News" sections of TechOnLine for the details.

The website now includes detailed information from new member companies:

You can also view the newly updated details on TechOnLine from:

For details on any of these happenings, or for any other information about DSP products, DSP companies, DSP events, OR DSP news, go to the "Place to go for Electrical Engineers" --


TechWire/TechMedia International
118 Younger Way
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
tel: +1-831-429-6288
fax: +1-831-429-6920

Overview of electronics industry publications worldwide

Thomas Register

Date:    19980210
Subject: News from Thomas Register

Dear Jaap van Ganswijk

Here's what's new from Thomas Register:

In celebration of our company's 100th Anniversary, we redesigned our website, improving navigation, upgrading our technology and adding substantial company and expanded product information.
We now have a total of 60,000 product heading categories with 5500 online supplier catalogs.

We've also added hundreds of companies from whom you can receive free literature immediately sent to your fax machine.
And, if you prefer to email suppliers, we've added an email confirmation feature which sends your own email inbox a record of the company you've contacted.

Our 1998 editions of Thomas Register in Print and CD ROM are also now available to order. For more information on the unique features of each product or to place your order, go to:

There's much more ahead for Thomas Register in 1998! To stay on top of it all you can visit our "What's New" section at

Thomas Register on the Internet
Your source for Industrial product and service information.

VerticalNet, Inc. is the Internet's leading creator and operator of vertical trade communities. VerticalNet leverages the interactive features and global reach of the Internet to create multi-national, targeted business-to-business communities. These narrowly focused web sites attract buyers and sellers from around the world by catering to individuals with similar professional interests.

A VerticalNet trade community provides:

Some of their individual sites (related to electronics) are: Aerospace Online Computer OEM Online Embedded Technology FiberOptics Online Medical Design Online Photonics Online Plant Automation Premises Network RF GlobalNet Test and Measurement Wireless Design Online

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Other sites with a database of products and their manufacturers Circuit World ET-Info (in German)

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