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Finding a job in the chips business shouldn't be difficult currently since the economy is blooming currently (end 1997) and especially the computer/electronics business is doing great of course.

Head hunters


Head hunters are hired by companies to find qualified higher personel that can't be found (or not enough) via the regular channels.
But beware: Head hunters don't work for you as employee. They get payed by your future employer to get you to work for them. They generally get payed quite well (for example 30% of your first year pay) so they can spend quite some time convincing you that especially THAT company is suited for you. A head hunter once wanted me to work for Origin, the software company of Philips which is quite big in the Netherlands and also does a lot of work for other big companies.

Albin Engineering Services

Albin Engineering Services, Inc. (AESI)
Sunnyvale, CA
tel: +1-408-733-2374
fax: +1-408-739-2374

I represent a company that is in the business of separating software and hardware engineers who excel from those who are average in skills, particularly in the embedded systems programming field.

We are retained by some of the strongest, most technologically advanced companies in the nation to identify and place exceptional software and hardware professionals. We are not an "agency" - we are a high level search firm.

We operate where the highest quality of search is required.

I can't assume anything about you or your current situation, so I would like to find out where your interests lie. You may like to work at the cutting edge of emerging technologies, or move faster on a broad range of projects. Maybe you are tired of corporate politics, or just need to avoid getting trapped in a "career rut." If you have a desire to move forward professionally, now or sometime in the future, then I would very much like to speak with you.

Opportunities exist for both contract and permanent employment in a wide range of disciplines and technologies. Several of my clients require security clearances (i.e. EBI / Top Secret / SSBI / etc.), and offer very competitive benefits, such as having every other Friday off. I also represent high technology start-ups, with flat management structures, small team dynamics, and ownership option packages.

For those who wish to work contracts, we provide benefits that few contractors have experienced (our firm, founded and run by a former contract engineer for classified programs, is a very close-knit team and we treat our contractors as full time employees, with full benefits).

There are two types of people I have an interest in moving forward professionally:

  1. someone who excels at what they do and is actively looking for opportunities, and
  2. someone who excels at what they do and is not actively looking.
The majority of the people I work with typically are not job seekers, or "in the market." The people I work with are employed, qualified, and respected individuals in their field.

I keep many of them abreast of current developments and opportunities based on what they tell me they'd really like to be doing, or what kind of particular environment they see themselves thriving in. I would like to do the same with you, if you're interested.

Alpha Systems

Alpha Systems, Inc.
(William Griffin, Pres.)
1510 Oakfield Lane
Roswell, GA 30075-3016
tel: +1-770-992-8663
fax: +1-770-992-8937

Recruiter. Specialist in design, mfg, engineering, automation, controls instrumentation, robotics, software, systems, logistics, sales/marketing purch, materials, quality, components, test eng, distribution, operations, general mgt in high tech industries, chem, food, drug, biotech, plastics, films, packaging, capital equip, machinery, digital electr, RF, microwave.

P.O.Box 1448
D-83264 Traunstein
We are specialized in "Executive Search" ("head-hunting", too) for recruitments of managers, experts in semiconductors and specialists for devices like opto, passive, electro-mechanical parts as well. In the field of application, support, marketing, sales, trading and production. And can be working european wide.



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Carol Kerkhoff


ANY ASSISTANCE would be very helpful. This client has several openings: Design Manager, Senior Designer and several intermediate design level positions not to mention test and product engineers. Growing very rapidly. So if you can forward my email it would be sincerely appreciated and If I can ever assist you don't hesitate to contact me.Regards, Carol Kerkhoff

Chip Search
Chip Search
1057 Boynton Ave
San Jose, CA 95117-2801
tel: +1-408-248-8081
fax: +1-408-248-3408
Chip Search is dedicated to providing a quality service within the realm of high-tech employment. This service applies to everyone involved in the employment process, not only our client companies and their employees, but also to the applicants/candidates which we identify and build rapport with. We attain our competitive advantage through the building of rapport with our clients, applicants/candidates, and business associates, as well as with the strategic use of information and technology. Our success is measured on the success of our clients.

DotJobs - Comprehensive listing of UK electronic-related job vacancies

Employment Zone

(Used to be called CareerNet Online)

Employment Zone

We have dramatically improved our products for Job Seekers and Employers.

We have replaced the Resume Direct distribution service with the EZ Resume Distribution Service which sends your resume to over 1,500 locations in a matter of minutes and gives you your own resume web page for a year.

For employers, we offer fixed price recruitment options. We have invested in the expensive proprietary resume databases which house today's best talent. Tap in to these invaluable resources through our recruitment services.

GateSource Partners
GateSource Partners
tel: +1-703-502-8461
I'm a headhunter who specializes in Engineering, ASIC, ATM and related fields.

H&L Professional Search
3 Church Close
Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1DP
tel: +44-1264-323141
fax: +44-1264-323251
Specialist executive search within the microprocessor technology field.
Typical areas of business: ASIC, RISC, DSP, PLD, FPGA, IP, IC* design, VHDL, Verilog, Synthesis, MPEG, VLIW, VLSI.
Positions covered are: Technical roles from engineers to technical directors and commercial roles from marketing to sales at all levels.
Geographic market covered: UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux and the US.


Virtual Recruiting Network Submit your biography The Virtual Recruiting Network (Featuring virtual recruiting domains with video, sound and chat capabilities for on-line recruiting) The CIO Outpost (B2B site for CIO's) The CFO Outpost (B2B Site for CFO~Rs) The product and service outpost (B2B site for VP's of sales & marketing) The Career Outpost (B2B site for HR director's)

IC* Recruiter

My name is Karl R., a candidate sourcing professional tasked to identify and present qualified candidates to very selected fortune 50 companies and hiring managers. My company has been retained on a long-term basis to represent a prestigious high tech communications, electronics, wireless and semiconductor company in Phoenix, Arizona.
This high tech company has hundreds of exciting, challenging and rewarding opportunities for professional engineers, senior managers, project managers and technicians in the broadband, wireless, internet, software and semiconductor career arenas.
If you would be interested in finding out more information about these opportunities or might know someone who would, please feel free to email or fax your interest (resume) immediately.

Karl R. <>
fax: +1-480-940-5190

Intellectual Capital Resources Ltd.
5 Brentford Business Centre, Commerce Rd
Brentford, Middlesex
tel: +44-208-400-2444
fax: +44-208-560-1159 General Search engine
UK specialists in microelectronics recruitment. IC-Resources works with the leading pre-IPOs, design consultancies, and blue chip semiconductor companies. We are always keen to talk to engineers with IC* design skills, even just for an informal chat. Search our extensive database of jobs for ASIC positions at all levels.

Intelligent Technology Solutions Inc.
Intelligent Technology Solutions Inc.
Ottawa and Toronto
tel: +1-613-831-7800
tel: +1-905-770-2222 General
Intelligent Technology Solutions provides finds head hunting services to chip and engineering companies in Canada and the U.S.
We represent a number of prominent companies and find them the best and brightest technology minds in the industry.
Please forward your resume to:

JobNext Career Network

We provide job search and free resume services to both recruiters and job seekers, and we target mostly on university fresh grad.

JPL Group- JPL Group- tel: 0870-800-9493- fax: 0870-800-9495
JPL Group specialise in the placement of SOFTWARE/HARDWARE DSP, EMBEDDED ENGINEERS suitable for Software/Hardware Houses and Major Electronic Manufacturers.
Innovations in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) have sparked a digital revolution.DSP's are at the centre of modern communications, whilst applications such as internet audio, digital still cameras and digital radio are increasing the appetite for DSP's. With the shift to digital embedded systems design, now in software rather than hardware, demand for skilled Developers is high.
JPL Group can provide high calibre candidates who are experts in their field from our continually updated network of actively looking DSP professionals.
As you can see from our website at we are specialists in our field and therefore understand your industry and your particular sector, therefore we are able to provide staff which best suit your requirements.
We would be pleased to assist you with any current requirements for staff that you may have and should this be the case then please do not hesitate to contact us or forward your vacancy requirements to us via email.
If you are not currently looking to employ any new staff then please keep our details for future reference.

Just Tech Jobs- tel: +1-877-906-6373 - toll free in the USA
Voted one of the best IT jobsites. Produces results comparable to Monster and Dice but at rates that are up to 80% less. Best of all, you can now try at no risk with our $99 Test Drive! For $99 you'll get 30 days of full access. At the end of the 30 days, the trial expires and you have no further commitment.
You'll get:

National Engineering Search- +1-800-248-7020 extension 235-

The nation's leading technical search firm, specializing in the placement of software, hardware, electrical, RF and mechanical engineers nationwide in the computer and communications industries.Representing a majority of the Fortune 500, as well as mid-sized high tech companies and emerging technology startups, National Engineering Search can identify the right position for you and introduce you to outstanding opportunities available in your hometown or across the nation.

Nerds Wanted
Real results - Over 60,000 quality IT resumes - 100% free

Net Polarity- Net Polarity, Inc.- San Jose- USA- tel: +1-408-971-0224- fax: +1-408-971-0806-
I am writing to inform you we have several IC* Design and ASIC Verification Engineers and 2 FAE's looking for permanent positions. They were victims of a recent company shutdown and are eager to resume work; IC*, FPGA, circuit design, verification, synthesis, physical design, EDA tools, verilog, VHDL.

Net-Temps- Net-Temps
Create a free desktop for your job hunt.

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tel: +1-800-832-4726 x.201
My name is Amber O~RBrien, Senior Recruiter with
I was referred to you by an industry professional that thought you might know of someone who would be interested in the following opportunities. This company is willing to consider bright graduates just beginning their career as well as seasoned professionals with industry experience. This is an excellent chance to take part in shaping the technology of tomorrow within a company that has a great deal of funding and is willing to pay well above market rate for their core team of engineers. They know what it takes to retain talent and they are more than happy to do so.
Please contact me at 800-832-4726 x.201 if you or anyone you know would benefit from pursuing these opportunities. I apologize if this message reaches you in error.
Have a wonderful day, and thank you for your time!

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