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Towers' International Transistor Selector
W. Foulsham and Co Ltd, London
18900 Olive Ave.
Sonoma, CA 95476

Kluwer's Internationale Transistor Gids

(in Dutch)
Vierde druk, 1991
Vertaling: Copytronics, Gorssel - Johan Smilde
ISBN: 9020125192, D/1991/0108/166, NUGI 832
Dit is een vertaling van Towers' International Transistor Selector
Het bevat meer dan 29.000 Amerikaanse, Engelse en Japanse transistoren met elektrische en mechanische specificaties, fabrikanten en beschikbare vervangingsmogelijkheden.
Kluwer's International Transistor Guide
(in Dutch)
Fourth printing, 1991
Translation: Coptronics, Gorssel - Johan Smilde
This is a translation of Towers' International Transistors Selector.
It lists more than 29000 American, English and Japanese transistors with electrical and mechanical specifications, manufacturers and available replacement prosibilities.
The book consists mainly of one big transistor table, so you could even use the Dutch book, if you can't get the English version...

ECA Vergleichstabelle
ISBN: 3881090339
There are several volumes (numerically ordered and functionally ordered and other parts than transistors etc.) and the main parts cost about $30.

Collector's Guide to Transistor Radios Identification and Values

2nd ed.
Bunis, Marty and Bunis, Sue
Published: Mar 1996
Price indication: $15
ISBN: 0891457046

Digital Hardware Testing; Transistor-Level Fault Modeling and Testing

Artech House Telecommunications
Rajsuman, Rochit
Published: 1992
Price indication: $60
ISBN: 0890065802

Microwave Transistor Amplifiers; Analysis and Design

2nd ed.
Gonzalez, Guillermo
Published: Jun 1996
Price indication: $95
ISBN: 0132543354

Principles of Transistor Circuits

(Introduction to the Design of Amplifiers, Receivers, and Digital ...)
Amos, S. W.
Published: Apr 1994
Price indication: $45
ISBN: 0750619996

The Bipolar Junction Transistor, 2nd ed. (Modular Series on Solid State Devices, vol. 3)

Neudeck, Gerold W.
Published: Jan 1989
Price indication: $20
ISBN: 0201122979

Transistor Circuit Approximations

3rd ed.
Malvino, Albert Paul
Published: Feb 1980
Price indication: $80
ISBN: 007039878X

Transistor Radios; A Collector's Encyclopedia and Price Guide

Lane, David and Lane, Robert
Published: Jun 1994
Price indication: $20
ISBN: 0870697129

Valve and Transistor Audio Amplifiers

Hood, John Linsley
Published: Nov 1997
Price indication: $40
ISBN: 0750633565

Data bases

See Burosch.

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Sites Manufacturers site list At Siemens

Software electronics database with lots of transistors

To be digested yet:
Date:    19970729
From:    Raheem Bhutto <>
To:      Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L <>
Subject: Re: Japanese components?

> Maroof H. Choudhury wrote:
> Can anyone help me find specs of this components?
> FETs...
> 2SK1817, 3SK81, 3SK74, 2SK125
 2SK125= N-FET, FM*/VHF 25V, Idss>30mA, Up<6V
 3SK74 = MOS-N-FET-D DUAL GATE, VHF , 20V, Idss>7mA, Up<3V
 3SK81 = MOS-N-FET-D DUAL GATE, UHF , 20V, Idss>5mA, Up<3V

 > BJT...
 > 2SC1945, 2SC1971, 2SC2097
 2SC1945 = AM-L, 80V,6A, PoUT=16W/27MHz
 2SC1971 = Si-NPN, VHF-L 35V, 2A, POut = 7W / 175MHz
 2SC2097 = AM-L, 50V, 15A, POut=85W/30MHz

 > Diode...
 > 1SS53, 1SS97, 1S953
 1SS53=BA127= Si-DIODE , UNI,  60V, 0,2A (CAN USE 1N4148 ALSO)

 Others - i could not find specs for. Will notify later, if found.

 Best Regards,

 Rahim Bhutto
 PRINTEL circuits
 P A K I S T A N

Date:    19970917
From:    COOREMAN Dominique  * BRUSSELS <>
To:      Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L <>
Subject: Re: Transistor series


2N... means American transistors, BC... are European transistors.

American designation:

1N.... is used for semiconductors with 1 junction like a diode i.e.
2N.... is used or semiconductors with 2 junctions like a transistor i.e.
3N... for other semiconductors like smal IC* like optocopler i.e. 3N435,

You have also exeptions!

European designation:

I cannot give you all the details because you have a lot of different
letters used.

The first letter:

A = Ge material semiconductors,
B = Si material semiconductors,
C = GaAs material semiconductors,
R = Compound material.

The second letter:(the most popular ones):

A = Diode (low power, signal);
B = Diode (variable capacitance));
C = Transistor (low power, audio frequency);
D = Transistor (power, audio frequency);
F = Transistor (low power, high frequency);
L = Transistor (power, high frequency);
R= control and swithching device);
S = Transistor (low power, swithching);
T = thyristors;
U = Transistor (power, switching);
X = Diode (varactor, multiplier);
Y = Diode (rectifier);
Z = Diode (zener).

You have also sometimes a tirth lertter, see a Philips data books for
more details.

In you case: 2N means you have an American transistor, and BC is an
European Si, low power, LF transistor.

The Japanese designation:

2SB, 2SC, 2SD*, for transistors but it is difficult to get informations
about Japanese semiconductors!

Hope this can help you.



Date:    Wednesday 17 September 1997 1:29
From:    COOREMAN Dominique  * BRUSSELS <>
To:      dominiq; Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L
Subject: Re: Transistor series

At 09:49 16-09-97 -0800, you wrote:
>What is the main difference between the 2N and BC transistors series?
>Marco Fiaschi

2N types are fets, bipolars, thyristors, triacs and other semiconductors
with three active connections registered at JEDEC and perhaps other
institutes. There is also a 3N series, I think they are all dual gate
BC are small power low frequency silicon transistors registered at Pro
Electron, a european institute.
Often the same transistor is sold in North America with a JEDEC code,
and in
Europe with a Pro Electron code.
Philips supplies many 2N types, and Motorola has many BC types.

The pro electron code is generally more systematic than the JEDEC code.
Philips databooks (discrete semiconductors series) often explain the Pro
Electron code and the meaning of the first, second and sometimes third

A web site that explains not only the JEDEC and Pro-Electron code, but
the japanese JIS code is:


Author: Tinco Brouwer

Date:    19970918
From:    Mike Sprecher <>
To:      Multiple recipients of list CHIPDIR-L <>
Subject: Re: Transistor series

Any company not member of one of those designations may and will override
these specifications. Especially with modern things like digital

*** PRO-ELECTRON-designation (Europe): ***

A) Used in Radio-/TV-/Tape- units : AAxxx (2 letters, 3 digits)
B) Used in commercial units : AAAxx (3 letters, 2 digits)
(don't ask what the diff. between a commercial and a TV is...)

A = Germanium
B = Silocon


C = Transistor, low Power, low frequency (audible sepctrum)
D = Transistor, high power, low frequency (audible sepctrum)
F = Transistor, low power, high frequency (antennas, HF, Tuner,radar)
L = Transistor, high power, high frequency
S = Transistor, low power, Switch applications
U = Transistor, high power, Switch applications (BU208, TV defl.

A =low signal amplification (BC-548A)
B = medium signal amplification (BC-548B)
C = high signal amplification (BC-548C)

*** JEDEC-designation (America): ***

2N for 2-junctions
3N for more. Like ICs, Optos,...

*** JIS-designation (Japan): ***

2SA... or 2SB   PNP-Transistor
2SC... or 2SD*   NPN-Transistor


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