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Chip numbers starting with 850

nr name cat description manufacturer
850 ATP-850U/UF ide PCI Ultra DMA-33 IDE Chi, ACARD*
850 TSC850 adc 15 bit ADC 40 CPS Tel
850 bc850 transis trx 50v 200ma sot23 215 tape/r Philips
8500 video Raster Graphics Processor (RGP) NS
8500 8500 mpu about the same as 6502
8500 8500 MPU, pinout MosTek
8500 H8/500 mcu 8-Bit MCU Hitachi*
8501 8501 CPU, pinout Mostek
8501 TDA8501 tv PAL*/NTSC* encoder DIL24SHR Philips
8501501 8501501XA uart SMD 82C52 serial communications I/F-20 Pin CDIP Harris $36/1K
85015013 85015013A uart SMD 82C52 serial communications I/F-28 Pin LCC Harris $55/1K
8502 8502 cpu 2 MHz 6502 (used in C128) CSG*
8502 COM8502 uart UART SMC, GI:AY3-1015
8505 TDA8505 tv SECAM* encoder DIL32SHR Philips
8509 AD8509 lcd 9-Channel, Multiplexed Input, LCD, data AD

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