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Chips in the category 'PIC'

nr name description manufacturer
1877 CDP1877 Programmable Interrupt controller (PIC), DIP28 Intersil*
32202 Interrupt Control Unit for the NS32xxx-family, pinout NS*
6828 MC6828 PIC (=MC8507) Motorola
8214 Priority interrupt controller
8214 i8214 8080-series interrupt controller PICU Intel $2
8259 i8259 Peripheral Interrupt Controller, More Intel*
8259 i8259 Programmable interrupt controller, pinout, Regs, Text Harris, Intel*, UMC $1.85
9519 Am9519 Universal Interrupt controller (UIC) (=~8259) the control pins differ slightly in function from those of the 8259, pinout, obsolete AMD

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