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Chips in the category 'ERROR'

nr name description manufacturer
100160 100160 dual 9-bit parity generator/8-bit comparator CERDIP24 Philips
2960 Error Detection and Correction
54280 9-Bit Parity Generator/Checker NS
54402 Serial Data Polynomial Generator/Checker NS
74180 74180 9-bit parity generator/checker
74286 74286 9-bit parity generator/checker 3-state
8004 COM8004 Companion device to COM5025 for 32 bit CRC SMC
8065 Z8065 Burst error processor for Z800x-family Zilog, AMD
8075 R8075 CRC-4 Encoder/Decoder Rockwell*
8520 8520 Error correcting code chip NCR*
9348 12 bit parity gen/check
9348 12-Input Parity Checker/Generator NS
9520 Am9520 Burst error processor AMD
9521 Am9521 Burst error processor AMD

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