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The services of some of the following ad providers are used in the Chipdir.


They sell ad's from a group of publishers in a cry-out auction, which I think is an exciting but a bit primitive idea. They require that you have your hosting pages rated via the system, which I already checked out and could technically probably been done, even while keeping the mirror sites in the USA identical.
In the first auction about one third of the ad's were sold at about $0.005 per ad and they bought the rest themselves (probably not to loose face), but have probably managed to sell most of them later to clients because a lot of the clients were new to the system and hadn't followed the proper procedures.
I think they will get rid of the auction soon and start selling the ad's directly.

Ad Home


You may only have one ad per site and they can only fill a small percentage of them and you only get 25% or so with small numbers of ad-views.

Please Turn On Options-Auto-Load Images/Display Images

Comments from Mark Welch: Ad-Up Promises web sites only 25% of ad revenues (after 60 days, % is based on traffic level: 25% for small sites, plus 5% increase at 1K, 10K, 50K, 500K, 1MM, 5MM, max rate of 60% promised for traffic over 10 million hits/month). It is unclear what percentage of available ad inventory is sold; the company claims it has sold ads at rates ranging from $10 to $25 CPM. Be wary. [ad size varies, up to 468x60]

Earlier known as TeknoSurf and later as Adserve?

I have carried their ad's from early 2000 at the bottom of about 50% of the pages.
They have unrealistic conditions, like that they can change them at any time without notifying you and that the publishers are obliged to adhere to them within 10 working days.
They also changed their HTML code suddenly around 200006 and were not going to pay out the revenues earned using the old HTML code.
And they wanted host clients to add a privacy statement to their sites around 20000327.
I have removed their ad's again in the 200006 version. Dealing with these guys isn't worth the trouble.

Big Bang Media


They seemed promising, but I couldn't fulfill/agree with four of the points in their contract so I changed them in the email and haven't heard from them since sending it back.


They require about 1 million ad-views per month, which is about double what I could maximally provide.
They seem to be more focussed on advertisers than on (small) hosts.
This seems to be the biggest ad provider at the moment.
First time they contacted me back and urged me to sign up as an advertiser (as a host wasn't possible yet) and I indeed got paper documentation send later and email before that from someone who seemed a bit annoyed...

NarrowCast Media

$0.05..$0.30 per unique host clickthrough.

Real Media

Site with unreadable small characters.

SafeAudit - Leo - Hendrik Schalekamp

You need to subscribe to certain ad's and put the ad's on your own site.
You're generally paid per click-through or even sale and not per ad view.
They changed their format once upon a time and asked me to update my pages within a month or so. I couldn't and they kicked me out. Companies like these should know what compatibility is. When LinkExchange changed to the industry-standard 468*60 banners instead of the 400*40 ones that they used before, they set-up a new system beside the existing one so people could convert at their own pace. That's the way to do it!

Value Click

Welcome to the ValueClick Banner Advertising Network, the on-line service dedicated to bringing together advertisers in need of cost-effective traffic and websites in need of sponsors.

ValueClick is a service provided by Web-Ignite Corporation, a world-wide leader in website promotions and advertising. This revolutionary program allows our clients to advertise with no risk, paying only for actual visitors generated to their website.

I have carried their ad's since late 1998.



Superhighway Consulting, Inc.
1580 S. Milwaukee Ave. #320
Libertyville, IL 60048
tel: +1-847-918-9292
fax: +1-847-918-9296


Not really an ad provider but an organization that organizes 'rings' of sites with similar subjects, it seems.


This company was bought by Softbank Media, killed slowly and finished off...

They made me $160 (or $80) though and are therefore still the record holder among the ad providers. :-(
They had great potential at a certain point if they could have grown as they did for a while...

More information Seems to be more of a WWW magazine or ad networks association. Lot of inside info Selling computer books

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