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Data books about chips/electronics/programming

Archer's Semiconductor Replacement Guide
Sold by Tandy/Radio Shack
Includes over 118000 semiconductor substitutions.

Component Identifier and Source Book
Victor Meeldijk
384 Pages
About $25
ISBN: 0-7906-1088-4
PROMPT Publications
Howard W. Sams and Company
2647 Waterfront Pkwy., E. Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46214-2041
tel: +1-800-428-7267
fax: +1-317-298-5604
This book was written for the electronics engineer, technician or electronics enthusiast who has to identify a component from a part number on a schematic diagram or locate a manufacturer from a logo. This book is a vital tool for anyone who wants to make the process of identifying and locating components easier and faster.
This valuable guide will help you cross reference component types to manufacturers and also contains sections that cross reference trade names, abbreviations and part number prefixes to the manufacturer. Listings of worldwide manufacturing and sales office addresses are also provided and there is also a special listing of manufacturers who provide replacement devices and vendors who specialize in stocking and locating discontinued devices.
Sections in the Component Identifier and Source Book include:
D.A.T.A. Book
Sold by Farnell (for example)
This is not the same as the IC-Master.

Data-Tek Semiconductor Price Guide
15231 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92618
tel: +1-714-753-8000
fax: +1-714-753-7825
Comprehensive guide to current published pricing of major manufacturers.
Data-Tek encompasses: Integrated Circuits, Transistors and Diodes.
Publish Semiconductor Pricing of Major Manufacturers.
Data-Tek also has it own software.

Encyclopedea of Electronic Circuits (5 volumes)
Basically the books are collections of circuits pulled from various sources and broken down into categories (timers, transmitters, converters, etc.).
I have looked at them in the bookstore in the past for ideas and for that purpose they seem nice. They do not (nor are they intended to) teach anything about electronics, but are more for ideas/examples. They are fairly expensive, but I have the opportunity to purchase Volumes 1-4 for $120 new.
Jerry Fountain <>
I don't think they're very useful; certainly not worth the price. For circuit examples, the various semi makers' databooks can't be beat, especially National Semiconductor's and Linear Technology's Linear Applications Handbooks.
Like the other folks, I agree that they're not *frequently* useful, but they've done me some good at least once or twice a year.
Yeah, they're not much on depth and they use some seriously out-of-date or oddball parts on occasion, but most of it is adaptable to current parts.
They're OK if you don't have the vaguest idea on how to do something and are looking for clues, but I don't think I've EVER used any of the designs verbatim.
If you're a rich infomaniac, go ahead and get 'em, but don't expect much.
They're certainly not worth the expense, except in rare cases.
Stan Eker

Howard W. Sams Internet Guide to the Electronic Industry
J. Adams (,
The book is a simple directory for electronics related resources on the Web and Net. It contains aprox: 1300 URLs.
It mentions this ChipDir...

IC* Cross Reference Book
By the Engineers of Howard W. Sams and Company
168 pages
About $20
ISBN: 0-7906-1049-3
The complete guide to IC* and module replacements and substitutions. Covers more than 35,000 IC* replacements compiled from manufacturers' data in an easy-to-use cross reference.

Hearst Business Publishing/UTP* Division
645 Stewart Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530
tel: +1-516-227-1300
tel: +1-800-833-7138 - Credit Card Orders
Lots of chip data in a set of (expensive) books.
Seems to be about $180 for three quite big books.
There is also a CD-ROM version.
IC-Master has announced to stop 2001q2 with the WWW and the CD-ROM versions, due to lack of advertisers and buyers.

Programmers PC Sourcebook, the
Thom Hogan
ISBN: 1-55615-118-7
Microsoft press
Penguin books
All kinds of table's about the PC (Hardware and software).
Also lots about peripheral chip's registers and connectors etc.

Semiconductor Cross Reference Book
By the Engineering Staff of Howard W. Sams & Company
Fourth Edition
680 pages
About $25
ISBN: 0-7906-1080-9
Most comprehensive guide to semiconductor replacement data including 500,000 part numbers crossed to ECG, NTE, Radio Shack and SK replacement part numbers.

See also Books on electronic design and manufacturing More tutorials at Newnes Electronics reference books at H.W. Sams

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