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Surface Mounted Devices

Marking Category Type Conventional equivalent
005 diode SSTPAD5 Dual* Diode
010 diode SSTPAD10 Dual* Diode
020 diode SSTPAD20 Dual* Diode
050 diode SSTPAD50 Dual* Diode
100 diode SSTPAD100 Dual* Diode
15 transis MMBT3960 2N3960
1A transis FMMT3904 2N3904
1B transis BC846B BC546B / 2N2222
1C transis MMBTA20 MPSA20
1E transis BC847A BC547A
1F transis BC847B BC547B
1G transis BC847C / FMMTA06 BC547C
1J transis BC848A / FMMT2369 BC548A / 2N2369
1K transis BC848B BC548B
1L transis BC848C BC548C
1P transis FMMT2222A 2N2222A
1T transis MMBT3960A 2N3960A
1X transis MMBT930
1Y transis MMBT3903 2N3903
200 diode SSTPAD200 Dual* Diode
2A transis FMMT3906 2N3906
2B transis MMBT2907 2N2907
2C transis BC849C BC549C / BC109C / MMBTA70
2E transis FMMTA93
2F transis FMMT2907A 2N2907A
2J transis MMBT3640 2N3640
2K transis MMBT8598
2M transis MMBT404
2N transis MMBT404A
2T transis MMBT4403 2N4403
2W transis MMBT8599
2X transis MMBT4401 2N4401
3A transis BC856A / MMBTH24 BC556A
3B transis BC856B / FMMT918 BC556B
3D transis MMBTH81
3E transis BC857A / MMBTH10 BC557A
3F transis BC857B BC557B
3G transis BC857C BC557C
3J transis BC858A BC558A
3K transis BC858B BC558B
3L transis BC858C BC558C
449 transis FMMT449
489 transis FMMT489
491 transis FMMT491
493 transis FMMT493
4A transis BC859A BC559A
4B transis BC859B BC559B
4C transis BC859C BC559C
4D diode MMBV3401 PIN Diode
4E transis FMMTA92
4F diode MMBD353 Dual* Schottky diode
4J transis FMMT38A
4M diode MMBD101 Schottky diode
4R diode MMBV3700 PIN diode
4S diode MMBD201 Schottky diode
4T diode MMBD301 Schottky diode
500 diode SSTPAD500 Dual* Diode
549 transis FMMT549
589 transis FMMT589
591 transis FMMT591
593 transis FMMT593
5A transis BC807-16
5AX diode MMBD6050X
5B diode MMBD6100
5B transis BC807-25 BC327-25 / 2N4123
5C diode MMBD7000
5C transis BC807-40
5D diode FMMD914 1N914
5DX diode MMBD914X
5E transis BC808-16
5F diode MMBD501 Schottky diode
5F transis BC808-25 BC328-25
5G diode MMBD352 Dual* Schottky diode
5G transis BC808-40
5H diode MMBD701 Schottky diode
6A jfet MMBF4416
6A transis BC817-16
6B jfet MMBF5484
6B transis BC817-25 BC337-25
6C jfet MMBFU310
6C transis BC817-40
6D jfet MMBF5457
6E jfet MMBF5460
6E transis BC818-16
6F jfet MMBF4860
6F transis BC818-25
6G jfet MMBF4393
6G transis BC818-40
6H jfet MMBF5486
6H transis BC818-40 BC338-40
6J jfet MMBF4391
6K jfet MMBF4932
6L jfet MMBF5459
6T jfet MMBFJ310
6W jfet MMBFJ175
6Y jfet MMBFJ177
6Z mosfet MMBF170
701 mosfet 2N7001
702 mosfet SN7002
A1 diode BAW56
A1 sot323 BAW56W
A1X diode MBAW56 Dual* diode
A2X diode MMBD2836X Dual* diode
A3 diode BAT17 BA480
A3X diode MMBD2835X Dual* diode
A4 diode BAV70 BAW62 / 1N4148
A4 sot323 BAV70W
A4X diode MBAV70 Dual* diode
A6 diode BAS16 BAW62 / 1N4148
A6 sot323 BAS16W
A61 diode BAS28 BAW62 / 1N4148
A6X diode MBAS16 (MMBD2836X Dual* version)
A7 diode BAV99 BAW62 / 1N4148
A7 sot323 BAV99W
A7X diode MBAV99 Dual* diode
AA transis BCX51 BC636 / BCW60A
AB transis BCW60B
AC transis BCW60C BC548B
AD transis BCW60D
AE transis BCX52
AG transis BCX70G
AH transis BCX70H
AJ transis BCX70J
AK transis BCX70K
AL transis MMBTA55
AM* transis BSS64 2N3638
AS1 transis BST50 BSR50
B08 jfet SST6908
B09 jfet SST6909
B10 jfet SST6910
B2 transis BSV52 PH2369 / BSX20
BA transis BCX54 / BCW61A BC635
BB transis BCW61B
BC transis BCW61C
BD transis BCW61D
BE transis BCX55
BG transis BCX71G
BH transis BCX56 BC639
BJ transis BCX71J
BK transis BCX71K
BN transis MMBT3638A 2N3638A
BR2 transis BSR31 2N4031
C1 transis BCW29
C11 jfet SST111
C12 jfet SST112
C13 jfet SST113
C2 transis BCW30 BC178B / BC558B
C41 jfet SST4091
C42 jfet SST4092
C43 jfet SST4093
C5 transis MMBA811C5
C59 jfet SST4859
C6 transis MMBA811C6
C60 jfet SST4860
C61 jfet SST4861
C7 transis MMBA811C7
C8 transis MMBA811C8
C91 jfet SST4391
C92 jfet SST4392
C93 jfet SST4393
CE transis BSS79B
CEC transis BC869 BC369
CF transis BSS79C
CH transis BSS82B / BSS80B
CJ transis BSS80C
CM transis BSS82C
D1 transis BCW31 BC108A / BC548A
D2 transis BCW32 BC108A / BC548A
D3 transis BCW33 BC108C / BC548C
D6 transis MMBC1622D6
D7 transis MMBC1622D7
D8 transis BCF33 BC549C / BCY58 / MMBC1622D8
DA transis BCW67A
DB transis BCW67B
DE transis BFN18
DF transis BCW68F
DG transis BCW68G
DH transis BFN19
E1 transis BFS17 BFY90 / BFW92
EA transis BCW65A
EB transis BCW65B
EC transis BCW65C / BCW67C
F1 transis MMBC1009F1
F3 transis MMBC1009F3
FA transis BFQ17 BFW16A
FE transis BCV46
FG transis BCV47
GF transis BFR92P
H1 transis BCW69
H16 jfet SST4416
H2 transis BCW70 BC557B
I08 jfet SST108
I09 jfet SST109
I10 jfet SST110
ITT BA diode BAT42W
JAX diode BAT42W Dual* diode
JD diode BAW56
JE diode BAV99
JJ diode BAV70
JP diode BAS19 BAV19
JS diode BAS21 BAV21
K1 transis BCW71 BC547A
K2 transis BCW72 BC547B
K4 transis BCW71R
K7 transis BCV71
L1 transis BSS65
L2 transis BSS70
L3 transis MMBC1323L3
L4 transis MMBC1623L4
L42 diode BAT54A/T1 BAT85
L44 diode BAT54S/T1 BAT85
L4P diode BAT54/T1 BAT85
L5 transis MMBC1623L5
L6 transis MMBC1623L6
L7 transis MMBC1623L7
M3 transis MMBA812M3
M4 jfet BSR56
M4 transis MMBA812M4
M5 jfet BSR57
M5 transis MMBA812M5
M6 jfet BSR58
M6 transis BSR58 / MMBA812M6 2N4858
M7 transis MMBA812M7
O2 transis BST82
P01 jfet SST201
P02 jfet SST202
P03 jfet SST203
P04 jfet SST204
P1 transis BFR92 BFR90
P2 transis BFR92A BFR90
P5 transis FMMT2369A 2N2369A
PRS diode BAR64-05 Dual* diode
PSS diode BAR64-04 Dual* diode
Q3 transis MMBC1321Q3
Q4 transis MMBC1321Q4
Q5 transis MMBC1321Q5
R1 transis BFR93 BFR91
R2 transis BFR93A BFR91
S14 jfet SST5114
S15 jfet SST5115
S16 jfet SST5116
S1A transis SMBT3904
S1D transis SMBTA42
S2 transis MMBA813S2
S2A transis SMBT3906
S2D transis SMBTA92
S2F transis SMBT2907A
S3 transis MMBA813S3
S4 transis MMBA813S4
S70 jfet SST270
S71 jfet SST271
S74 jfet SST174
S75 jfet SST175
S76 jfet SST176
S77 jfet SST177
SA mosfet BSS123
SS* mosfet BSS138
T1 transis BCX17 BC327
T2 transis BCX18
T7 transis BSR15 2N2907
T8 transis BSR16 2N2907A
TFX diode MBAL99
TV jfet MMBF112
U1 transis BCX19 BC337
U2 transis BCX20
U7 transis BSR13 2N2222
U8 transis BSR14 2N2222A
U92 transis BSR17A 2N3904
V01 mosfet VN50300T
V02 mosfet VN0605T
V04 mosfet VN45350T
V0AJ mosfet TP610T
V50 mosfet VP0610T
Z08 jfet SST308
Z09 jfet SST309
Z10 jfet SST310
Z2V transis FMMTA64
ZD transis MBT4125 2N4125

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