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Chip numbers starting with 2

nr name cat description manufacturer
2 BS2-IC Basic Stamp 2 Microcontroller, pinout PARALLAX
2 HFC-S2M isdn ISDN controller (including primary rate interface (E1 / T1), HDLC controllers for all B-channels and D-channel, ISA-PnP bus interface, PCMCIA bus interface, PCI bus interface, PCM30/64/128 interface, switching capability, DTMF detection) (3.3V and 5V) Cologne*
2 MCT2 Photocoupler, pinout Texas Instruments
2 MCT2 isol OI* PT 20% 30us
2 MCT2E Photocoupler, pinout Texas Instruments
2 MSW2-20 switch SPDT switch 23dBm SO8 case; reflective 2.4 GHz (pincompatible MA/COM SW239) order from Barend
2 MSWA2-20 same as MSW2-20, absorptive (no dummies necessary) order from Barend
2 i2capp ICS*

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