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How to get more data about a chip?

On 19960731 someone wrote me:
>The listings are excellent, but how do I get data on the chips?

Some manufacturers already have data sheets on their WWW sites. I plan to add links to those data sheets whenever possible and hopefully with the cooperation of more of the manufacturers or volunteers.

Some chips have pinout information within the chipdir. (Currently about 1300 of the 10000 chips.)
Some chips have register data or instruction set info within the chipdir or elsewhere...

When all this fails, locate the WWW site of the manufacturer.
Look there for it's distributor in your area and contact him to get a (paper or CDROM) data sheet.
When the manufacturer doesn't have a WWW site or doesn't have it's distributors listed, phone or fax the main office of the manufacturer to get the address of your local distributor.
You can also look in the back of any of their data books.

Some distributors also deliver world wide or are even specialized in mail-order, so you can also contact them.

There are also independent providers of data sheets like IC-Master, DATABOOK and IHS. See the CDROM and book sections of the ChipDir for more info.

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