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Chips in the category 'USB'

nr name description manufacturer
1409 MK1409 8 pin SOIC for computer peripherals. Provides USB, Super I/O, keyboard, SCSI clocks or 1.5X, 2X, 3X multiplier MicroClock*
1438 MK1438 -03, -04, -05, -06 - for Pentium notebooks using OPTi's Firestar. The -04 and -06 have USB frequency support MicroClock*
2699 TS2699 The SmartPortTS2699 is a fully integrated smart card interface solution for PCs, phones, PAs vending machines, cable boxes, and any other intelligent appliance. The TS2699 offers a fully-certified intelligent ISO 7816 interface for asynchronous and synchronous cards through a wide variety of built in interfaces including a serial port, SPI interface, PCMCIA interface, and USB interface Tritheim*
5611 M5611B High-Speed USB Device controller ALi*
5615 M5615 High-Speed USB-Based JPEG controller ALi*
8100 FT8U100AX USB Hub Controller, FTDI*

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