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Chips in the category 'HDC'

nr name description manufacturer
7261 HDC7261 Hard disk controller SMC
821821 82G1821 IDE controller Oki
82558 82C558M H/D Controller-Viper OPTi
8462 2,7 Data Synchronizer NS
8463 2,7 RLL disk-signal Encoder/decoder (Endec) NS
8464 Disk Pulse Detector NS
8465 Data Separator NS
8466 Disk Data controller NS
8468 Disk Pulse Detector + Embedded Servo Dector NS
8469 Synchronizer/2,7 RLL disk-signal Encode/decoder (Endec) NS
9224 HDC9224 Hard/floppy disk controller with tape back-up SMC
9580 Am9580 Hard Disk controller (HDC) AMD
9581 Am9581 Floppy/Hard Disk Data Separator AMD

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