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Chips in the category 'FET*'

nr name description manufacturer
1158 LT1158 full bridge FET* driver 36V 0.5A LT
147 LF147 quad BI-FET NS
155 LF155 Low Power BI-FET NS
156 LF156 Low Power BI-FET NS
157 LF157 Low Power BI-FET NS
1640 DS1640 Personal Computer Power FET*, PS (117 Kb) Dallas*
1640 DS1640C Personal Computer Power FET*, Dallas*
198 Wide BW BI-FET NS
19976 S19976 full bridge FET* driver 40V 0.5A Siliconix
2410 vn2410l fet n channel 100v e-line pkg Supertex
25564 2n5564 jfet matched pair n channel to71 Siliconix
26756 14A, 100V MOSFET* NS
26758 9A, 200V MOSFET* NS
26760 5.5A, 400V MOSFET* NS
26762 4.5A, 450V MOSFET* NS
26768 15A, 400V MOSFET* NS
26770 12A, 500V MOSFET* NS
4104 BI-FET NS
4105 BI-FET NS
4105 zvp4105a fet p channel 50v e-line pkg Supertex
4306 zvn4306a fet n channel 60v e-line pkg Supertex
455200 buk455-200a mosfet 200v 14a n-ch t0220 Philips
5005 mtp50n05el fet tmos 50v 50a t0220 Motorola
640 irf640 fet t0220 = buk45-200a Harris
710 irf710 pwr mosfet 400v 2a n t0220 Harris

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