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After clicking the link below, you'll be transfered to the Chipdir's Message Board which is provided for free by 'Inside The Web'. It's a kind of classified ad's message board as often found in supermarkets. Everyone can put up his message for everyone else to read. Although this mechanism works great and the number of messages on the board per day is quite impressive by now, the chance of getting an answer on a question seems to be quite small. I'm personally not reading the messages regurarly, so...

There may be better ways to get an answer for your question or problem:

Well, having said all this, here is the link to the message board: But don't get your hopes up too high! (Don't sit still waiting for an answer but also try other ways in the mean time.

Chipdir's Message Board

And I'd be interested to hear if problems are really solved using this page... Otherwise it may be better that I remove it some time... :-(

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