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This subdirectory is intended to contain retailer data organized per country.

Well we already got one:
United Kingdom

In the mean time however check your Yellow Pages or consult your local chamber of commerce. Here in the Netherlands the regular telephone guides contain a pink part in the front that has a similar overview of local businesses.

Distributors and brokers are often not the companies to consult when you only need a small amount of chips per kind. (See elsewhere in this directory.) Retailers however have a very low overhead cost per sale, because you come and pick up your order yourself at their store and you pay cash for it. They also can charge you quite a margin, because you only buy a few pieces. Typically their margin is 100% over the cost, so 50% of the sales price. (Only for their average product. On very cheap things like resistors etc. the margin is much higher of course when you buy small amounts, but you merely pay for the sale effort. On high-end things like oscilloscopes the margin is much lower (40%?).
Given the kind of 'profit' that a retailer can make they can afford (and must) maintain quite a large stock of 100,000's of different items. A retailer's stocks may be worth quite a lot of millions in sales prices. Not recommendable to rob such a store though, because you'd have to set up and run a similar shop for several years to sell all the inventory because most of the stuff has quite a long shelf life and during that time a lot of people will recognize the mechandize as being stolen.

Anyway an often forgotten function that a retailer can perform, is ordering small amounts of parts for you from distributors. It works thus: The retailer already regularly orders from his suppliers, so the accounting, banking, shipping and credibility costs have already been solved, so it's just an additional item which the distributor and the retailer have to make no special costs for. Two problems however may arise:

As always the key solution to problems like these is communication: Ask him what is easy to get and what isn't. You can also call up the distributor and ask him which retailer he recomments for his products.

An alternative is using a mail-order retailer. These companies are used to sending small packages and charging per credit card or cash on delivery (COD).

How about finding obsolete or otherwise scarce chips?

Never design products with either obsolete or scarce chips!
When you're only going to build a single product. (Usually for a hobby.) Make sure that the parts are not scarce or make sure that you have at least two samples of every possibly scarce item. (By the way, go to PC fairs and buy up a lot of old, low-cost PC-boards to get a nice stock of very cheap IC*'s...;-)

This said there are three good reasons left why one would want obsolete chips:

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