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This chip directory is mirrored all over the world so you can choose a fast site near you. Below you can see which version each site currently has installed.

Hit the escape key to stop the downloading of the version numbers.
They are fetched from the different sites themselves and some may (temporarily) not be available. An empty box or a box with a broken image means that the server can't be reached.
I remove the links to the sites that haven't been updated for well over a year or that can't be reached repeatedly from the Netherlands on a quiet moment of the day.
The version number used to denote the year within the century and the month when the version was ready for mirroring. So '0109' means September 2001. This has changed by now and from updated sites you will see the complete year and month numbers. 'TEST' means a new version that is being tested, it usually contains more and updated content but may also contain annoying errors. It will usually only run on Amsterdam 1.

See below for using this page to determine the fastest mirror site for you.

If you want to remember some Chipdir URL's by heart, it's quite easy:
So most of the domain suffixes will work except 'com' which was cyber-squated by Ultimate Search.

The site you're looking at has version: Version date of the current site
Continent Country/State City Version
AmericaArgentinaLa Plata
USA/CaliforniaSan Jose
USA/MaineRockport 1
Rockport 2 (same)
EuropeAustriaSt. Pölten
CzechZabreh na Morave
NetherlandsAmsterdam 1
Amsterdam 2
United KingdomSouthampton

You can use this page to determine which mirror site is fastest for you. Just reload the page and watch which version GIF's come up quickly.

Consider however that:

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