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A mailing list (as the term is used on these pages) is an email discussion group. A list server (which is a computer program on a host computer) will send the message it gets from one of the members to all people it has on it's mailing list (hence the name).
Mailing lists (as the term is used here) are comparable to newsgroups (on Usenet), but they work quite differently. Some people prefer the one and others the other often depending on what kind of access they have to the internet and how intensively and loyally they want the follow a certain subject. (Latest news (199905): Using you can now also access newsgroups as if they were mailing lists. Seems to work good.)
Generally someone asks a question or brings up a topic on a mailing list and then there will be 1 to 20 messages from people saying something more or less sensible about the subject. It's a great way to get help with technical problems and often you get suggestions that you would never have thought of. Generally people will answer beginners questions very friendly on these (technical) mailing lists because we all know how difficult it all is and we all had to learn sometime and generally spend a substantial part of our time learning more.
Well just try it out. Some people really wouldn't be able to work (and live) without their favorite mailing list(s).
When you're looking for a general mailing list, you can try the Chipdir mailing list that is associated with this site. All questions and remarks (even slightly) related to chips are welcome.

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Most mailing lists (and individual receivers of your email) expect you to behave according to the 'netiquette rules' (Net etiquette rules). If you have't read them yet, my advice is to do so. They contain a lot of good tips. After you have read them you can decide to ignore some of them but when you haven't read them, experienced users will recognize you for what you are: A newbie and may ignore your messages: Top or bottom respond to messages? Anton Smit: "Why is Bottom-posting better than Top-posting Ken Robbins - Quoting on Usenet Brucie's alt.html General Information zen and the art of the internet (usenet section) Jukka Korpela presents Tobias Brox's Bottom vs. top posting and quotation style on Usenet Netiquette links "rules" for posting to usenet Richard Kettlewell: Quoting Style alt.html FAQ reference on posting methods "How not to look like an idiot", What do you mean "my reply is upside-down"? Netmeister: "How do I quote correctly in Usenet" TopFloor Publishing: Online communities - Participating effectively G.McCaughan: The advantages of Usenet's quoting conventions FAQ of Proper Quoting "Suggestions on how to post" news.newusers.questions FAQ

Mailing list categories

Mailing lists for:

Miscellaneous mailing lists

Automation List Mailing list for discussing PLC's etc. (Factory automation).

Chipdir ML

name Chipdir-L
body subscribe chipdir-L Your Real Name
about everything about chips and about the chip directory, no restrictions yet...
maintainers Jaap van Ganswijk <> and Bruce Bergman <>
flow About four messages a day

Cross GCC ML

Cross compiler versions of the GNU C compiler.

name CrossGCC
about GNU C cross compiler, RTOS*'s, libs, home-brew, etc.
organization Cygnus (Provides commercial support for the GNU tools)
flow A couple a day
Needs to be tested again

mcu_dev_tools ML

Motorola's mcu_dev_tools

mail owner
owner Motorola
moderated No

EDA Users

Mailing list for the users of Accel's Windows based EDA PCB design program.

This list seems to have gone, together with

Embedded Info Newsletter ML

Mostly about tools from AMC.

Embedded-Info is a free, monthly bulletin from Applied Microsystems Corporation for engineers working on the design, debug and test of embedded systems. Embedded-Info will focus on new technologies and industry trends in embedded systems development.

name embedded-info
body subscribe embedded-info
about tools from AMC
direction read only
flow Less than once per month

Embedded Update ML

About embedded systems and their tools

body subscribe embedded your_email_address
organization Softaid, Inc. (Vendor of emulators)
direction read only
flow Monthly (?)

interfacing ML


mail owner
moderated No
A newsgroup directed at interfacing electronics to your computer.
Includes discussion on


[Still active?]

Operating system - 6809/68000/PowerPC oriented

body subscribe os9-L Your Real Name
owner Adam Hajduk <>
flow Don't know yet.

Discussion about OS-9/OS-9000/OSK hardware and software.
OS-9 is a real-time, multiuser, multitasking operating system,
It can run on any hardware platform from simple diskless embedded control systems to large multiuser minicomputers.
For more info look at:

PCAD Users

Mailing list for the users of Accel's DOS/Unix basid PCAD PCB design program.


PCBuild - About building PC's and installing devices and drivers etc.

Not really an electronics oriented list but maybe useful.
manager Bob Wright <>
manager Drew Dunn <>
subscribers 1500
moderated yes

Your e-mail addressYour name

PCI-SIG - PCI special interest group

subject subscribe
organisation ZNYX Corporation
maintainer Jochen Roth <>
maintainer Alan Deikman <>
flow Quite much some time ago.

NB. You will be subscribed to three lists: binary, commercial, general


I think this is some sort of interconnecting bus.

subscribe body: join profibus-list
unsubscribe body: unjoin profibus-list
organisation PROFIBUS International, AD Elektronikk AS
country Norway
maintainer Michael Volz <>
flow little
archive - click the 'archive' button

legged_robots ML


mail owner
moderated No
For anyone interested in legged/walking robots regardless of CPU or "brain board"

Subscribing manually to a mailing list

To change your status on a mailing list, send an email message to the list server.
(This is not the same email address where the postings go to!)
When you send 'help' as a command, the list server will generally send you a help file.
When you send 'info list-name' as a command, the list server will generally send you info about that mailing list.

General independent electronics news
fortnightly...written by three UK IT journalists
Mike Magee <>
The Register from Situation Publishing

Starting up your own list

Sites where you can set-up a mailing list for free: Yahoogroups (formerly, and Smart Groups Owned by LinkExchange which in turn is owned by MicroSoft Webpromote is a site that helps other sites to promote itself Delphi

I have a couple of lists at Egroups, which was one of the first and they work very well.

Some background information

local about email attachments
local about email hoaxes

Lists of technical mailing lists/forums list of industrial technical forums general list of mailing lists

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