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Chips in the category 'ROM'

nr name description manufacturer
23128 16k*8 NMOS* ROM AMI, NEC, Synertek, UMC
23256 32k*8 NMOS* ROM NEC, Synertek, Toshiba, UMC
2332 4k*8 NMOS* ROM UMC
2333 4k*8 NMOS* ROM UMC
2364 8k*8 NMOS* ROM AMI, Intel, NEC, Toshiba, UMC
2365 8k*8 NMOS* ROM UMC
2366 8k*8 NMOS* ROM UMC
26128 16k*8 NMOS* ROM Signetics
37000 8k*8 NMOS* ROM Mostek
38000 32k*8 NMOS* ROM Mostek
4241 MM4241ABL 5x7 char gen ROM, col scan, 900ns NS
58657 m58657p EAROM 14-Pin Mitsubishi
63256 32k*8 NMOS* ROM Motorola
68307 MC6830L7 MIKBUG ROM Motorola
6835 MC6835 ROM version of 6845 CRTC Motorola
6839 MC6839 floating point ROM, 8k*8 for the 6809 Motorola
74187 74187 256*4 ROM OC*
74270 74S270 512*4 ROM OC*
74271 74S271 256*8 ROM OC*
74370 74370 512*4 ROM 3-state
74371 74371 256*8 ROM 3-state
7488 7488 32*8 ROM OC*
9128 16k*8 NMOS* ROM GI
92128 16k*8 NMOS* ROM AMD*
9218 2k*8 ROM AMD*
92256 256*32k*8 ROM AMD*
9232 4k*8 ROM AMD*
9233 4k*8 ROM AMD*
9264 8k*8 ROM AMD*
9265 8k*8 NMOS* ROM AMD*
9365 8k*8 NMOS* ROM GI

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