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(According to Mitel. These codes are generally manufacturer dependent.)

C Ceramic Dual-in-Line (Cerdip)
D Ceramic Dual-in-Line (Side-braze)
E Plastic Dual-in-Line
F Thin Quad* Flat Package (TQFP)
H Die in Tray-Pack
J Ceramic J-Lead Quad*
K Plastic Quad* Flat Package (PQFP-EIAJ)
L Plastic Quad* Flat Package-JEDEC (PQFP-JEDEC)
M Plastic Quad* Flat Package (PQFP)-Non-JEDEC
N Small Shrink Outline Package (SSOP)
P Plastic J-Lead Chip Carrier
R Tape & Reel (for P & S Package Suffix Types Only)
S Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC)
T Thin Small Shrink Outline Package (TSSOP)
W Probed Die On Wafer
Y Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier

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