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The Chipdir Mailing list

This site has a free mailing list, which is a question, answer and discussion forum via email.
Use the form below or send a message to with in the body subscribe chipdir-L.


The 'Chipdir mailing list' is a mechanism whereby a list server sends every message that you send to it to all the subscribers on a mailing list' (hence the name).
This way you can ask questions and give answers to the questions of others. It's a great way to find things or solve technical questions or get news etc.
The list has about 500 subscribers and you're welcome!
To subscribe fill in your email address in the first of the following fields and press the button.
You can also use your regular email program and send a message to with in the body of the message subscribe chipdir-L.
After about half an hour you'll get a confirmation and a text explaining more about the list server and the list. All questions (even remotely connected with chips) are welcome!
A mailing list is a bit like a news group on usenet.

Communicate with the list server of the Chipdir

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