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Chips in the category 'VCO'

nr name description manufacturer
131 LM131 Voltage/Frequency NS
2207 XR2207 PLL* / VCO order from Barend
2207 XR2207 Voltage Controlled Oscillator, Data Exar
2209 XR2209 Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Exar
4151 XR4151 Voltage-to-Frequency Converter Exar
456 AD456J CMOS* 10 KHz VCO AD
566 NE566 VCO
566 NE566T VCO TO5
74124 74S124 dual VCO 60MHz
74324 74LS324 VCO
74325 74LS325 dual VCO
74326 74LS326 dual VCO
74327 74LS327 dual VCO
74624 74LS624 VCO 20MHz
74625 74LS625 dual VCO
74626 74LS626 dual VCO
74627 74LS627 dual VCO
74628 74LS628 VCO
74629 74LS629 dual VCO 20MHz
9400 TSC9400CJ F-V Tel

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