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Chips in the category 'MIXER'

nr name description manufacturer
1037 UPC1037 Mixer, functional equivalent to SL1640, SIP6 case order from Barend
12502 MC12502 =12002 Analog mixer to 600MHz, often used in synthesisers order from Barend
1496 MC1496 Mixer/product detektor in DIL =SL1496 order from Barend
1496 MC1496-TO in metal TO case =LM1496 order from Barend
2330 PMB2330-T 2-GHz-Mixer (SMD) Siemens
42 SO42-5X same, original Siemens (smd) - see TBB042G
42 SO42P-SIE same, original Siemens order from Barend
42 SO42P-TSL Mixer in DIL order from Barend
6130 TDA6130 2 GHz mixer DIL order from Barend
6440 SL6440 High level mixer in DIL dok + appnotes available order from Barend
74109 74AC109 Sine/square wave converter for 74FST3125 (see mixers) order from Barend

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