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Chips in the category 'DIGISWITCH'

nr name description manufacturer
8980 MT8980D Digital switch, Mitel
8980 MT8980D Digital Switch Mitel
8981 MT8981D Digital Switch Mitel
8982 MT8982 Small Digital Switch (MiniDX) Mitel
8985 MT8985 Enhanced Digital Switch Mitel
8986 MT8986 Multiple Rate Digital Switch Mitel
9080 MT9080 SMX - Switch Matrix Module Mitel
90810 MT90810 Flexible MVIP Interface Circuit Mitel
90820 MT90820 Large Digital Switch (LDX) Mitel
90840 MT90840 Distributed Hyperchannel Switch Mitel
9085 MT9085 PAC* - Parallel Access Circuit Mitel

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