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This ChipDir is neither a distributor nor a broker of chips, but I got a lot of contacts in the mean time, so if you're looking for serious amounts of (obsolete or scarse) chips, email me. When the chips are somewhere on this globe we can often locate them. ;-)

We can often also help with small amounts, but we'll just try less hard, because there's less profit in it. ;-)

Anyway, please describe exactly what chips you want, in what package (DIP is default) and how many.
More info about scarce chips.

Do you have left-over chip stock?

If you're a production company, retail store or small distributor (for example) with serious amounts of excess chip stocks email me also. Chip brokers want these stocks to be able to sell them to the companies that are looking for obsolete or scarse chips.

It helps if you send a list of the chips you want to sell.
More info about scarce chips.

Chip brokers outside of the USA:
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local Canada
local Europe (including the whole of Russia)

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Order scarce chips via the Chipdir

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Order scarce chips via the Chipdir

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